When is the right time to make a career transition?

The world is going through a time full of changes in all areas, and in the labor market the situation is not different. These changes mean that at some point, it is necessary to think about a career transition either by own will – to start a business venture, to adapt to new business models – or simply out of necessity. Whatever the reason, it is important that you stop to think about what career transition entails.

When done with good planning, this activity can represent a great advance in professional life. Therefore, if you are thinking about making a career transition, read this article completely and find out what is the ideal time to make this transition and how to take advantage of it.


Why make a career transition?

A career transition can occur unexpectedly without being planned. However, whatever the motivation to make such a transition, this must be seen as a new opportunity to grow in the labor market.

There are two main reasons why a person decides to make a career transition:

Professions that lose relevance

Technology comes with a number of benefits, but it is also the cause of certain professions losing relevance or becoming old for the current market. In this way, there are positions that recently ceased to exist, and others that in the short term, will also go through this process. The result: dismissal of personnel in certain sectors of the industry and changes in the market – both in the production and consumption areas.

There will be some types of jobs that will continue to exist and some, with the help of technology, will be developed into different versions of themselves. Some examples are: typists, who have ceased to exist; archivists, who are being replaced little by little by more efficient automated services; telephone operators, among others.

Desire to start something new

Some people are not satisfied with their career and think about making a career transition. At the end of the day, there are many professions that generate a lot of stress in people or that make it difficult to spend enough time with their families, etc. The latter is an aspect highly valued by today’s professionals.

On the other hand, it is becoming increasingly common for people to want to start an enterprise while the way to do it is getting easier and more accessible every day. This has made people to desire for projects that they can use to start businesses in new areas easily, like forming consulting company. Other advantages of choosing this way is the lack of a boss, flexible schedules, among others.

Another type of situation in which a career transition is made could be demonstrated by an example of an athlete, who can perform at his maximum capacity up to a certain age. Do you feel familiar with some of the cases mentioned above? If your answer is yes, it’s time to start thinking about what you want to do from now on.

What is the ideal time to make a career transition

Whether planned or not, to make a career transition, it is necessary to define the points below:

What is the reason for the career transition?

Was it forced or by choice? If it was a forced career transition, what was the trigger? If it was your own choice, what caused you dissatisfaction in the previous race so that you would want to make a change in your professional life?

Regardless of the reason why you have decided to make a career transition, it is necessary to determine what made you arrive at that decision. For example, if your previous profession is among those that will cease to exist, it is important that you discover what other skills you can develop in a new career.

And if you want to continue your career in the same area, you should think of different ways to innovate in what you do, so that you are not in the same situation again.

Perform financial and personal planning

To emerge victorious from a career transition you are required to do a good planning. Setting goals, preparing financially, knowing what actions to take and in what direction, are some of the aspects that you have to consider before taking any action. In addition, you can take advantage of this moment to nourish new information in your area of ​​expertise and establish the goals you really want to achieve in the future. Consider your career transition as a new opportunity in your life – and do not make the same mistakes of the past.

Prepare for the labor market

Prepare to work autonomously or to look for a job in a consolidated company. In addition to planning, it is necessary to implement the actions. Have courses on the area in which you want to take part, attend lectures, conferences, and read a lot.

The internet is your great ally! Through it, you can do a number of courses and trainings, increase your knowledge, meet new people and exchange information, among others.

Take the opportunities

There are many areas in which it is possible to work. You should investigate and take advantage of the opportunities that come your way. Talk to people in the area you want to work in, understand very well how the market behaves and always have the disposition to start something new. Also, it is very important that you are proactive. Besides investing in courses and learning the theory, you should also put into practice the knowledge that you acquired to see which skills you perform well and which ones you need to improve.

Do not focus only on the financial aspect

When making a career transition it is normal to consider the salary issue before making any decision, but that cannot be your only aspect. Starting a new career based only on the financial aspect, can cause some problems as time passes.

Find something in which you can have a monthly income according to your expectations but without falling into mental exhaustion because of this work. Therefore, it is so important to know the labor market, and take advantage of the opportunities presented in it. With time, you will realize which is the best way to go.

Is it time to make a career transition?

Are you dissatisfied with your career or do you perform a function that may disappear in a certain period of time? If yes, maybe this is the time for you to start thinking about a career transition. Take the time to research what is the best plan to follow, so that you are much more prepared for the next stages in this process.