When and how to Make Team Recycling

Do you know what ‘team recycling’ is, or have you already taken actions to execute it? Team recycling is essential, mainly for the sales area. In summary, team recycling is a set of actions that result in investment focused on employees. How? Through training and continuous education. Thus, they can always count on aligned teams committed to the business.

To know how to do that recycling and know the advantages for the company, check out our article! You will understand the importance of team recycling and you can take advantage of applying it as quickly as possible in your company.


What will you read in this article?


Investment in sales forces

Good managers are always trying to set up better teams, right? It is common that sometimes people with a lot of potential are not able to show their full strength on a subject since they are busy with other tasks assigned to them or because they are focused on other issues. This can be caused by the lack of knowledge in the role they perform, not being aligned with the culture of the company or being demotivated about the role. The recycling of teams helps to solve these issues in a practical and effective way.


This action can be done in several ways. However, it is important to strengthen the sales area. This is done to update employees about changes in the area. Recycling also focuses on the development of each employee which allows them to get more motivated. As a result, the company have better results and more sales.


Team recycling actions must be continuous and frequent. However, the two times that more attention should be paid are:

1-When the sales team is unmotivated

How to know if this is happening in the company? Check productivity levels, conversations that occur in the corridors, the organizational climate as a whole, sales results and absenteeism, for example.

2-When a new work methodology is implemented in the company

Another situation that causes a need for the team recycling is when a work methodology is changed. It can be the inclusion of courses made through distance education, new formats and sales channels, new approach tips for clients, introduce the form of employment of new materials, among others.

However, as stated above: investing in team recycling should not be a one-time thing. These two aspects mentioned above are just two examples that can trigger recycling actions. However, they must be done constantly. It must be taken into account that the actions of team recycling give a new breath to the company.

Some tips to implement recycling

Now that you know a little more about the importance of investing in equipment recycling, take a look at some of our tips to put it into practice.

It is important to remember that, in order for the team to work effectively, the company must offer all the support and promote the knowledge. By giving that possibility to the collaborators, it is up to them to take advantage of the knowledge that will be transmitted.

1. Offers and encourages knowledge in the company

If the company has a good physical structure, it could invest in a library, for example. There are several employees who spend more time in the company than in their own homes. That is why it is important that they can make the most of their time in the company. Offering a library means encouraging the autonomy of each professional. He will be free to learn what interests him most and, of course, he will be stimulated by the company.

In addition, it is possible to do several things related to this reading activity.  The company can ask that the collaborator share his opinion about the book with the other colleagues. It is important to remember that the library does not need to be huge or have thousands of books. The entire team can collaborate to get the books that will be available, including the managers, who could carry the books to stimulate the team.

With this action, the company stimulates the knowledge of its team. It also presents a differential against the competition in the market and that results in being another positive point in talent retention.


2. Promote and implement education and knowledge actions continuously

There is always something to learn or perfect. New technologies, a different language, modern work techniques, etc. Therefore, it is important that the company invests in these actions and that they be continuous and frequent.


Show collaborators that learning is valued. Today, there are countless ways to implement these actions. It can be through face-to-face or online conferences, seminars, recreational activities, simulations and classes among others. The possibilities are endless, it is up to the company to define which are always the best forms of training for the team recycling . Enjoy in an intelligent way all the facilities that the Internet offers you today.


3. Know a part of your company’s culture

Investing in the knowledge and team recycling should be something natural for the company. To have this value, it is necessary that the entire corporate environment values ​​learning.


This way, you will be able to know better the talents that are available within the company and to know how each one of them can collaborate better. Each person has different knowledge, and collaborators must feel encouraged to share what they know and to always learn more. To achieve this, knowledge and learning must be transformed in part of the company’s culture. Dedicate time to hire collaborators who want to grow and learn more.


Ready to apply team recycling?

Now that you have these tips, are you ready to apply them? If you still have any questions or difficulties to implement equipment learning and recycling teams, get in touch with us.


Also take the opportunity to share in the comments your thoughts on this business format, which encourages the knowledge and commitment of each collaborator.