What is webinar: understand the concept and how to use it

This is a very interesting tool that can be used for various purposes, such as increasing the base of leads and contacts, to relate to a specific audience, to establish the position of reference in some subject or market, etc.

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What is webinar

The webinar is a tool to share information and knowledge in an online, modern and relevant way. This type of tool works through a live broadcast, in which a specialist exposes the knowledge about a particular topic and interacts with the users who are watching.

The webinar can be done with just one expert or several. It is a great tool for creating collaborative content between more than one company, thus also gaining a greater number of subscribers and participants.

How to Make a Webinar?

To make a webinar, you need to prepare yourself.

First, regarding the technical part, you will need a camera, or you can use the webcam camera itself and its microphone. Access to a quality internet network is also very important, so that the live broadcast has no flaws or risk of being off the air.

You also need a website that can host and stream your webinar. There are some options for this, both for beginners and for those who have a greater volume of subscribers.

Also, carefully select the subject that will be the subject of the webinar. It needs to be a theme that you master and feel secure in sharing. Remember that it is always interesting to spare some time at the end of the transmission for users’ questions.

Once you have all this planning done, invest in the dissemination of your webinar. It’s no use having everything well aligned and prepared, if there are no people watching.

Do not forget to explain what webinar is if you are dealing with an audience that is not yet accustomed to this type of broadcast.

Use channels like email marketing, landing pages, your website and your social networks to promote the webinar and win the maximum number of registered users. After the registration, do not forget to send reminder emails, with the links and times of the transmission.

How to Make a Webinar Post?

After completing the webinar broadcast, do not stop the interaction and the contact with the users who watched your transmission.

Take advantage of this list of contacts who want to hear what you or your company have to say and continue building a relationship. You can start by sending an email with some additional materials to the topic discussed, for example.

Feed this email base periodically and use it as a way to promote an upcoming webinar you conduct.


Now that you know more about what webinar is and how to prepare it, don’t waste time and start using it now!