What is SDR? Learn how to improve your sales results

It is indisputable that the sales area is essential for the growth of companies in every size: small, medium or large. The figure of the Sales Development Representative (SDR) or sales representative is indispensable! But let us better understand what SDR is and how strategic it is within companies.


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What is SDR?

SDR stands for “Sales Development Representative”, and it is known to the old acquaintance of entrepreneurs as sales representative. But in addition to performing functions related to commercial and sales functions, the professional who belongs to the SDR team is committed to optimizing processes and results of the company.

By working directly with marketing, the SDR team has a responsibility to get in touch with qualified leads through emails. The purpose of this contact is to present the products and services of the company to the potential client, preparing the land for sale.

In this way, we can say that the main difference between the sales team and the SDR area is their focus. While the former is focused on closing deals, the latter conducts consumer surveys.

Now that you know what SDR is, let’s look at some of the functions of SDR.

Sales Development Representative (SDR)

Although it is two different things, as presented in the previous topic, the SDR team can rather be derived from a sales team, and it is not necessary to hire new professionals.

Here, the idea is to separate the team according to their specialties. At this point, it is up to the entrepreneur or people manager to identify these skills among their employees.

What is the profile of this professional?

Although there is no defined rule regarding the professional profile of SDR/Sales, you can begin by idealizing the type of professional your client would like to be served. But do not forget that this is a strategic position. So, considering the company’s goals for this function is also an important step.

In this way, we cannot fail to mention some basic characteristics, such as:

  • Good communication: the professional that works in the SDR team of any company needs to know how to communicate in order to efficiently transmit their ideas;
  • Being extroverted: Knowing how to delight your customers is one of the characteristics that should be taken into account, after all the SDR team represents your brand;
  • Know the products and services of the company: to convey trust you must have ownership of what you speak;
  • Having sales skills: more than simply communicating, it is necessary to set goals;
  • Know how to relate: the SDR professional will deal with all kinds of people, for this reason it is imperative that he knows how to relate.

SDR Team Functions

This is the professional spends the day in the company dealing with emails and calls. Because one of the duties of this area is precisely to select potential customers to contact from the list of leads.

In addition, this professional is responsible for researching, identifying, and participating in the lead list generation process.

Among its main functions, we can list:

  • Participate in campaigns for lead generation;
  • Contact qualified leads;
  • Present products and services to potential customers;
  • Generate new leads through surveys and personal networking;
  • Optimize processes and results for the company.

Sales Funnel

For companies working with inbound marketing, the sales funnel represents a way to relate with your customer better. It assumes that it is necessary to prepare the consumer for sale by providing content with triggers that may influence the consumer at the time of purchase.

Now you may be wondering: but, what does this have to do with SDR?

Simply everything! After all, the result is just one of the goals of companies that adopt the inbound marketing strategy.

Because the sales funnel is directly related to the purchasing process, it categorizes the top-down stages into:

  • Visitors;
  • Leads;
  • Opportunities;

It is this tool that provides the “raw material” necessary for the performance of the sales development representative (SDR). In this way, joining the inbound marketing strategy with the SDR professional enables positive results for companies in various sectors and sizes.

Investing in sales representative (SDR) means providing the necessary breath for the correct management of the leads generated by the marketing area. In addition, the sales industry can focus on what is really critical to the business. Thus, providing a synergy where all sectors work together to generate results.

Now that you know what SDR is, how about taking this concept with your company?