What influence marketing? A trend to promote your brand

Who owns a brand and wants to advertise needs to know the best ways to do it. In recent years, the trend that has been conquering the market is influence marketing. Do you know what influence marketing is and how to use it?

To get influence marketing strategies right, you need to think hard about how to use it and how do you want your brand to be publicized and seen on social networks?


What is Influence Marketing?

Influence marketing is not new. It has been around for many years.

Lately it has become a hot topic for marketers – probably because we are realizing how powerful it is, especially since the alternative traditional advertising can be both costly and inefficient.

This content format makes the information reach the public presented by influential people on internet and social networks. Meaning: you associate the image of your brand with a personality – and this can make your product/service gain a resounding visibility.

Influencer Marketing is based on authority, trust, and engagement. If the consumer relies on that person’s opinion and experience, he is influenced by it.

What is an influencer?

One of the biggest misconceptions about influencers is that they are someone with many social media followers. This thought confuses influence with popularity.

The act of influencing requires a specific result: a change of thought or behavior. An influencer, therefore, is someone who has the power to influence the perception of others or causes them to do something different.

By applying this definition to Marketing, an influencer is someone who helps others to buy from you.

How do they do it? Influencers should have a combination of 3 major factors:

  1. Reach;
  2. Contextual credibility;
  3. Sales capacity.

The higher these three factors, the greater the potential influence of an individual.

How to Use Digital Influence

Companies wishing to use branded Influencer Marketing do not have to hire the world’s top paid actress, model or writer, or the main Youtuber, soccer player or country actor.

Could this work? Yes. But it’s not necessary to go that far.

If you really understood what influence marketing is, you already know that to make it work the company should do a great study of your audience, available budget and decide who will be the best person to stamp your brand for that particular campaign.

When done with a good strategy, well thought out and with good planning, marketing actions are more likely to be a success. For this, they need to be intelligent, accessible and differentiated, not necessarily expensive.

Data that prove the importance of Influencer Marketing

This format of marketing has become more successful, because it passes a greater credibility than the advertisements and ads of the past. Proof of this is the article published in January 2017 by the American Entrepreneur magazine called ” 5 Reasons Why You Need to Take Advantage of Influence Marketing“.

Among the data offered in the article, we highlight the ones below:

  • The ads lost strength. This can be proven by the growing use of ad blockers. Ad blockers are used by 26% of the internet users via desktop and 15% via mobile devices.


  • The article also highlighted that 92% of consumers trust more in recommendations of products made by people than by the brands themselves. Meaning, they trust more when they know who the individual is indicating and approving a product/service. So, recently the recommendations have a face and are usually made by people who conquered the market due to their careers.


  • According to the article, the content of influencers generates 11 times more results than traditional campaigns. In addition, 74% of consumers use social networks in their purchasing decisions. And there they are influenced.

The influencer marketing is already a reality

Before a bet, now it is reality. Influence marketing has shown that it works. However, it should be borne in mind that it is not a practice that guarantees success for companies, but it is an investment that must be taken into account.

Due to the use of social networks by a large number of people, the opinions of the influencers become extremely important. They make consumers aware of your brand, consider acquiring a product/service and make the decision. They play a very important role in your customer’s shopping experience.

In practice it works as follows:

Through influence marketing, brands create a relationship with influencers who believe they are important because of their identity. The influencers lead the public throughout the experience until they reach the purchase decision.


How do you find the right types of influencers for your brand?

For Influencer Marketing strategy to work effectively, it is necessary to have a good planning.

It is necessary to define the purpose of your campaign and choose the influencer according to it. After deciding on the planning of the campaign – its duration, goals, strategies and budget – now it is time to start searching for the types of ideal influencers which can be one or more per campaign.

We have selected some tips that can help in this process of searching and selecting inflators. Check them out:

1. Know your audience

You can do a search to understand the top references of your customers. To do this, develop a questionnaire that asks such things as:

  • Which blogs/profiles/personalities do you prefer?
  • Which people really influence their purchasing decisions?
  • Questions related to content consumption – how long do they spend on the Internet, what social network is most used, what is the most interesting topic, etc.?
  • Ask to quote people who inspire and trust opinions.

This is an extremely important step in finding the right influencers for your brand.

2. Use online tools in your favor

There are already online collaborative tools that exist specifically to identify who are the most influential people in various areas and subjects. These tools help you track who is relevant to your online bombing business.

Here, we highlight 3 that are extremely useful and efficient: KloutBuzzsumo and NinjaOutreach. They show the blogs, websites and social networks of the people who are referenced according to the searched terms.

3. Know the types of influencers

There are several types of influencers. Each of them is able to add something for your brand/campaign. See which one is more suitable for each campaign.

There are influencers that are journalists, experts, analysts, authorities, celebrities, etc. Which one is right for your brand? Which has more credibility in front of your audience?

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Putting influence marketing into practice

Now that you know more about Influence Marketing and its importance in the marketing plan of a company, how about taking advantage of it to put it into practice and to boost your brand?

Enjoy and share with us: what are your favorite influencers? And which social networks do you use most to follow influential people?