Understand why invest in an online educational platform

There is already a lot to talk about distance education. The use of online education is transforming the teaching format, making it easier to access.

In addition, distance education courses have the advantage of not being limited to physical/geographical barriers. It gives the possibility to all people to study.

Investing in an online education platform benefits students, companies and professionals working in the area.


The advantages of investing in an online educational platform:

§   For the students:

Having a distance education platform helps qualifying yourself, improving the curriculum, keeping updated in the market and learning about the desired topic, etc. The advantages are innumerable.


All this can be done by avoiding moving, printing materials and any physical barriers. You also have the possibility to make and control your own schedule and study what you most want.


Another important point is that with this format the student can create their own routine to maintain motivation. This helps you to be more disciplined and add new habits in your day to day.


§   For the companies:

Just as the professional feels motivated to keep his knowledge updated, the company also excels when it invests in its collaborators.


An institution that invests in the education and qualification of its collaborators transmits a good image to its clients, because it lets see that it is a company concerned by its employees. The company also stands out among the competition and manages to conquer and maintain its main talents – after all, who does not want to work in an institution that invests in its employees?


Therefore, to ensure that an online educational platform has good results it is necessary to have good teachers. Even though teaching is done online, a good tutor is essential to transmit knowledge properly to students.


The importance of the online teacher in distance education courses

In an online education environment, the teacher is the facilitator who helps the students through tutoring. As in the traditional education format, via online education it is also the teacher who:


  • Correct tests and tasks;
  • In some cases, it produces the teaching material/content;
  • Encourages interaction in the classroom – online, this can be done through chats and forums (depending on the platform);
  • Solve the concerns of the students;
  • The one who suggests extra materials to supplement the study;


The role of the teacher in an online educational platform is as important as in the traditional teaching method. To adapt to this new teaching format, the teacher must keep updated. At least you need to know the educational trends in a general way and handle modern materials.


Regardless of the teaching format, the objective is the same: to provide a learning process that brings good experiences. Online education platforms are a great help in this process.


Good online education platform + good tutor + quality content = efficient learning

Do you want to offer a good online education course? This is the formula of success to reach that goal:


Invest in a good online educational platform:

It is necessary to have a platform that offers the functionalities required for the course to work properly. Here, you must take into consideration the technical part being competitive as well as the pedagogical part.


Can the student have his own profile? Is it possible to control which and how many classes were seen? Will you have a place to take notes? All these features must be considered. Finally, the platform must have a good virtual learning environment (VLE), which is intuitive and facilitates navigation.


Have an efficient teacher

As stated earlier, having a good teacher is essential for learning. It is the responsibility of the institution to choose good teachers and it is the responsibility of the teachers to be up to date with the distance education tools.


Professionals and institutions that know how to adapt technology stand out in the market.


Present good content

The internet allows educational institutions to use and make the best out of different types of content. Make use of these tools, invest in videos, games, interactive classes, webinars, exams, bibliographical suggestions, etc. The possibilities are endless.


By investing in these points, it is the student’s responsibility to absorb as much information as possible.


Where to start investing?

After recognizing the importance of the online educational platform, it is necessary to know how to invest, just as in any area the first thing is:


1. Plan

Here it is necessary to think about all the strategic points, competence, target audience and material that will be used, in addition, what will be the duration of the course? What is the available budget? It is necessary to put everything in writing before moving on to practice.


2. Prepare the material

You know what your audience is, the materials you will use and your budget. After analyzing the competition and having an idea of ​​how to overcome it, now you can put yourself into action and prepare the material accordingly. Remember to invest in different formats and have the right equipment for this.


3. Choose the best online educational platform for your courses

Where will the courses be published? What features do you need? Should it work on cell-phones or only on computers? These are some of the characteristics that should be considered when choosing a good work tool


4. Disclosure, sales and after sales

Now that you have the complete material, it is time to market it. For this it is necessary to invest in strategic disclosure through the appropriate channels. You should also consider the means of payment and how to provide after-sales assistance to your students.


This is the right time to start investing in this methodology!