Understand the importance of effective business communication

Today for a company to work effectively and at 100% of its capacity, it needs to be made up of a good team work. And for this to happen there has to be good communication between the participants of this group. From here we can already attest to the importance of business communication.


Business communication is a strategic tool that guarantees that all employees work in a manner that is committed to the company’s objectives. Furthermore, this interaction becomes the way in which the institution communicates with external agents and with its suppliers. That is why it is so important that good investments are made in this area.


The main objective of business communication is to increase the credibility in your company, improve your performance and your image in front of collaborators and the market.



What does it mean to have good communication?


To summarize this process as transmitting information correctly and effectively to all those involved in the company does encompass everything in this topic.


It is necessary that there is agility, precision, interaction, commitment and transparency. We need these characteristics to be given to everyone involved, from the one who gives the initial message, to the one who receives it.


Benefits of investing in good business communication.

Continue reading to learn the benefits of business communication which is important to be understood from different perspectives.


Improve the image of the company

Good communication allows the credibility of the company to increase. This is due to the fact that employees will be satisfied with their place of work and transmit that to the people with whom they share. Likewise, customers and suppliers respect an institution that has transparent policies and invests in dialogue – two important characteristics when establishing a business communication.


Committed professionals

In a company that has a well-structured communication, officials are more committed to the objectives. This also helps to grow the sense of belonging by the company. What’s the result? Employees who will give the best of themselves, defend the institution and seek constant improvement.


To reach that level of commitment, it is necessary to invest in constant, open and honest communication. Try to help each employee in a personalized way and as a fundamental part of the company. This way we will understand how important they are for the company.


Good organizational climate

Employees who feel part of the company act more effectively and efficiently. This is a result that is transmitted to clients and suppliers, as well as the organizational image.


As long as the business communication is transparent, it is possible to avoid misunderstandings and speculations, the climate is calmer, and security is given to employees.


Keeping communication channels always open

Imagine that within your company there is a talent that you are not aware of. By investing in communication channels that remain open, employees are aware that there is a possibility to show their qualities and seek improvements in all areas of the company.


This point is extremely important, as it helps the company to constantly improve and resolve any situation, even if it is an issue of the past.


How does internal business communication work?

Each company must invest in the internal communication flows. Some of the flows that work very well when applied properly are below:



This is observed more in companies with a strong hierarchy. This form of communication comes from the highest to the lowest positions. The main precautions to be taken by the communicator are: to avoid sounding too authoritative with their employees.



Opposite to the descending. The communication originates in the lowest positions until reaching the most prominent positions. On the contrary to the descending, since the receiver has a charge of more “power” within the company, attention must be paid to the language and the position with which it is communicated. The message should be clear, transparent and this is how good business communication is achieved.



In this format, the flow of information happens within the same level of the company, which means: employees who have the same position/importance. Because there is not the insecurity of talking to people of superior and/or inferior position, it tends to be lighter, but, nevertheless, it requires attention: it is a business communication and must comply with the structure that this requires.



Here communication occurs in all directions and levels. This is facilitated between people from different sectors and positions but demands more attention to be organized since it links more people. In the end, the most important thing is that the interaction is clear, objective and reaches the correct recipient.



This is a common flow in informal companies. Conversations between all levels are facilitated without following the traditional directions. For this reason, it becomes more dynamic and can favor efficiency within the work environment.


The importance of business communication in daily routine of the company

Having understood the importance of investing in effective communication and knowing the most common flows, the company can invest to put this methodology into practice.  If not, it is very possible that it will be left behind in the development of the market.


Do you believe in the importance of business communication in the daily routine of your company? Leave us your comments.