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eadBox provides innovations in technical training for one of the largest corporations in the world of solutions for insurance companies.



The Solera Group is one of the most influential in the world with regard to the provision of programs, services and information for car insurance companies. To get an idea of its extent, the company processes more than 10,000 claims for approximately 75,000 customers located in over 60 countries annually.

“The flagship of the group in Brazil, is the budgeting Audatex system, which since 2013 is elected by the Union of Industry Repair Vehicles and Accessories of São Paulo (Sindirepa) as the best software of: claim management, evaluation of damage to vehicles and preparation of market estimates.”

After selling high quantities of workshops throughout Brazil, Audatex counted by mid-2013 a precarious training system, but based on manual processes, which caused delays and dropouts of courses and finally undertook the expansion of Solera Group in the sector.

Objectives eadBox in coorperation with the Solera group

Implement a distance education platform also called Learning Management System (LMS) for the automated training of Solera’s customers with the purposes of:

• To facilitate the analysis of student study reports;
• Eliminate time-consuming manual scheduling courses;
• Simplify the resolution of specific problems of users;
• Improving adherence to courses;
• Increase course completion rates;
• Reduce support costs industry;
• Improve intelligence on customer data manipulation.

In short, the goal of eadBox was to extinguish Audatex’s training bottlenecks with customers of the Solera group.

Action plan

eadBox developed and introduced in the virtual environment of the Solera businesses a distance education platform (LMS) for the Audatex training in September 2013. All the old system courses were migrated to a system with simple, intuitive interface and mobile supported.

Centro de Treinamento Solera


eadBox is a company that has a distance learning platform (LMS) with which you can develop custom training for your employees, suppliers and customers of your corporation with lower costs, higher quality and lower spending time in comparison to conventional training methods.

After the implementation and customization of the platform by eadBox, the Technical Training department of Solera Group obtained the following results:

Interactivity: the interaction of Audatex managers with students has become more dynamic and effective both in 100% training online and in semipresential training known as blended-learning;

More options: access to content in different formats such as videos, SCORM, presentations, PDFs, ratings, digital textbooks, and many others;


More usability: intuitive and self-explanatory buttons do not require instruction manuals to learn how to operate them;

Less bureaucracy: when a lead becomes a customer, Solera is automatically included in the training environment, which eliminates the links and entries for scheduling courses;

More audience: enrollment rate increased more than 5 times;

More integration: incorporating the management of Salesforce (CRM) to the system of Solera Group, which provides a complete feedback of the interactions of all clients;

Better management: Full data management of satisfaction surveys, administrative reports and generation of certificates, among other parameters, with graphical information and consolidated reports;

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More vision: teachers and managers get automatic and instantaneous reports, to generate databases for decision making and the necessity for inclusion of a new course, for example.

Less waste; in about 3 months after implantation of the distance learning platform (LMS), support calls were reduced by 50%.

In addition to achieving the main objectives, eadBox also won an extra benefit:

More environmental responsibility: the assessments that were made on paper, are now made online.

Finally, the implementation of e-learning platform eadBox has obtained a great success within the Solera Group.

  • Among all considered options, the Eadbox technology proved the most consistent and secure portal for our online courses.

    Célio Antunes

    Impacta Online

  • We researched quite a lot to finally get into eadBox, which met our expectations as a LMS and as a strategic partner.

    Daniel Cardoso

    Buscapé Company

  • With the LMS Eadbox our engagement index increased from 20% to 60% in 6 months. Our user base was well trained and our cost support decreased dramatically. We currently have 90% of student engagement.