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The more training, the better the quality of sales.



You may already be familiar with Reckitt Benckiser (RB), a company that manufactures and sells cleaning products like “Cillit Bang”, “Vanish” and “Veet”, among others, in more than 200 countries worldwide. To meet its goals, RB has more than 32,000 employees. In Brazil,
for example, the company has thousands of external vendors. To train so many people, RB performed on-site courses that demanded them high costs but low effectiveness because the students did not show up at the set dates.

Then the managers of RB contacted the EADBOX, a company that produces training teams and online courses via distance learning platform or Learning Management System (LMS) and gave them a mission

eadBox objectives in cooperation with RB

  • Reduce the costs of training;
  • Train effectively salespeople scattered throughout Brazil;
  • Cross sales data and training for optimization of the courses;
  • Offer high interactivity between students and teachers;
  • Train more with a higher quality to sell better. login

Action plan

Creation of “RB Academy” through the distance learning platform (LMS) of eadBox with online course system for the use of hundreds of people 24 hours a day, simultaneously in different regions of Brazil

Currently, the RB Academy provides online courses as:

  • Sales training for Brazil’s distributors;
  • Features and benefits of RB products;
  • Business skills;
  • Entrepreneurship;
  • Top 30 products;
  • Sales campaigns;
  • Knowing the market;
  • Behavioral aspects of customers


Interactivity: increased conversation between teachers and students, which offers greater dynamic to the courses and the best learning;
Training in Brazil: users located in any region of the country can access the courses at any time without the need to set timetables;
Cross data: ability to relate to downfalls or increases of sales with specific training, which allows to optimize the courses and achieve better results
Overview: User data management through filters by region, courses and access and among other parameters, enabling a comprehensive view of the effectiveness of the sellers according to the training they are receiving;
Increased sales: After implementation of RB Academy portal

The eadBox can also customize your distance learning (LMS) platform to produce training for your company. Contact now and make a free trial!

  • Among all considered options, the Eadbox technology proved the most consistent and secure portal for our online courses.

    Célio Antunes

    Impacta Online

  • We researched quite a lot to finally get into eadBox, which met our expectations as a LMS and as a strategic partner.

    Daniel Cardoso

    Buscapé Company

  • With the LMS Eadbox our engagement index increased from 20% to 60% in 6 months. Our user base was well trained and our cost support decreased dramatically. We currently have 90% of student engagement.