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eadBox helped Impacta Online to increase their number of students by 500%

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If there is a Brazilian institution that strives for modern dissemination of knowledge, this institution is called Educational Technology Impacts Group, one of the leading educational centers of Design and Information Technology in the country.

By 2011, however, the Impact Group had a platform of courses that was not integrated with payment gateways, did not allow the automatic release of training and passwords of students were generated manually.

With such problems, the group could not attend the high demand for purchase by students, which compromised the company’s growth. That’s when the EAD BOX was hired to provide solutions.

Objectives of eadBox in cooperation with Impacta Online:

The main goal of eadBox by the Impacts Group was deploying its distance learning platform or Learning Management System (LMS) and with it:

-Provide automatic released courses;
-Integrate and automate the methods of payment;
-Mechanize the generation of logins and passwords;
-Offer management for large amounts of courses;
-View a more intuitive interface for all operations carried out on the site;

Action plan

The most intuitive, automatic and manageable e-Learning platform was developed by eadBox and incorporated into the Portal Group Impacta in 2011. Old courses were transferred to this new training program and new courses are added regularly and more easily.

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Integration of the methods of payment: 100% of the courses now have integration with payment methods, which means, that you can pay by credit card and others forms, more convenient, without having to call or show up at the headquarters of Impacts Group;

Automation of accounts: by 2011, the distribution of logins and passwords was manual, whereas with the implementation of the eadBox course platform this process has become automatic, which reduces by 80% the cost of the support department;

Scalable distance learning platform: now, the liberation of the courses is performed automatically after payment. Thus, the experience for the registration and the access to the course by the student got much better, the purchase volume and held courses increased, the number of students increased by 500% in two years and the costs of intermediaries who performed the manual release were extinguished;

Bigger and better management of the   courses: the e-learning platform EAD BOX enabled the management of evidence, notes, reports, surveys and issuance of certificates and other parameters. The new training is easier to manage in comparison to the old training ;”

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Interface with instinctive perception: the new platform allows users to capture in a matter of tenths of seconds the usefulness of each button or menu, which facilitates navigation;


Support for larger number of training: this increased 400% improvement in the number of courses in two years;

Support for greater volume of content: the new distance learning platform enables the creation of courses with videos, animations, satisfaction surveys, evaluations, PDF documents and more. Ensuring a high quality learning;

  • Among all considered options, the Eadbox technology proved the most consistent and secure portal for our online courses.

    Célio Antunes

    Impacta Online

  • We researched quite a lot to finally get into eadBox, which met our expectations as a LMS and as a strategic partner.

    Daniel Cardoso

    Buscapé Company

  • With the LMS Eadbox our engagement index increased from 20% to 60% in 6 months. Our user base was well trained and our cost support decreased dramatically. We currently have 90% of student engagement.