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eadBox helps the University Buscapé Company to be consolidated among the largest education companies of e-commerce and digital marketing

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Created in 1999 by four students from the University of São Paulo, Buscapé is now one of the largest sites of searches and e-commerces price comparisons of Latin America.

Throughout its existence, the Buscapé group launched various innovations, such as the University Buscapé Company Group business unit that aims to enable the e-commerce market through distance learning courses, live online training and classroom courses.

However, due to increasing demand request of their courses, the University passed on other possible solutions to meet their needs more efficiently.


Objectives of eadBox in coorperation with Buscapé

Provide a LMS (Learning Management System) platform in the cloud, which technically could handle the current and new courses at the University Buscapé Company. This platform should have the following characteristics:

-Remain stable user who access from anywhere in the world;
-Assisting partner companies to market their courses at the same location;
-Support for interactive content;
-Provide access to different audiences within the same system.
-Provide a good experience for mobile users
-Have an excellent cost / benefit in terms of functionality vs monthly payment


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Action plan

eadBox started the new platform implementation process in 2013. With this new technology, the University Buscapé Company has successfully commercialized courses for e-commerce in general practitioners, and also trained the employees of the Company Buscapé group.


  • Range of courses: the eadBox platform made it possible to publish all kinds of training without limitations. So far, the new system has contributed to a 50% increase in the number of courses available via the portal;
  • Interactive content: with the new eadBox platform Uni Buscapé Company can create interactive content and access them through intuitive buttons easier, which expanded the adherence to training by 23%;
  • Stability: regardless of the whether one or hundreds of users simultaneously use the new distance education platform of the University Buscapé Company. It remains continuously on air for 24 hours a day. Thus, the user stays logged in at any time and difficulties, because of access rejections, get practically to zero.
  • Relationships with partners: the Buscapé Company partners can now insert their courses easily and quickly on the platform and expand the supply of training. Furthermore, Buscapé has new online courses for their distribution channels available;

  • Among all considered options, the Eadbox technology proved the most consistent and secure portal for our online courses.

    Célio Antunes

    Impacta Online

  • We researched quite a lot to finally get into eadBox, which met our expectations as a LMS and as a strategic partner.

    Daniel Cardoso

    Buscapé Company

  • With the LMS Eadbox our engagement index increased from 20% to 60% in 6 months. Our user base was well trained and our cost support decreased dramatically. We currently have 90% of student engagement.