SPIN Selling, a powerful sales technique to increase your success exponentially

Anytime is a good time to learn new techniques to improve sales. And there are always new methods and tools to help in that process. SPIN Selling falls into this category. This is because this technique has become one of the most powerful sales tools.

Despite having emerged in the 80s, the SPIN Selling is surprisingly current and extremely important for every successful seller. It is the essential basis for new sales methodologies, mainly for those that aim at complex sales and very large accounts. If you want to develop this area in your company, read this article until the end and learn more about SPIN Selling.


What will you read in this article?


Neil Rackham, the creator of SPIN Selling

To understand the importance of this sales technique, it is important to know a little about its history. SPIN Selling was created by the psychologist, Neil Rackham. He is the author of the book that served as the basis for the revolution in corporate sales. In order to arrive at his first complete work, he did research that aimed to quantify and understand which were the main skills that could be observed in successful negotiations.

If you know a bit about marketing, you may know the importance of Philip Kotler for that area, right? In a comparative way, Neil Rackham has that same importance for sales. That is why it is so important to know the creator of SPIN Selling.

The methodology has that name because it is based on the acronym SPIN. These letters are the initials that define the 4 types of questions that must be asked to know the problems of your client. In order to demonstrate that your company has the best solutions. Here we explain it better:

S: situation

P: problem

I: implication

N: need.

Summarizing the steps of SPIN:

Now that you know where the name SPIN Selling comes from, take a look at what each letter means:

Questions of ituation:

This part aims to understand the moment in which the potential client (or lead) is at the beginning of the conversation.

Questions of roblem:

This determines the time to investigate the problems, pains, difficulties and dissatisfactions of the client.

Questions of mplication:

Time to define one or several implications for each of the difficulties identified.

Questions of eed-payoff:

Here, in the final part of SPIN Selling, the objective is to define which are the most interesting solutions that should be assumed.

With this information and the summary of SPIN Selling, it is possible to have an initial knowledge about how this technique works. However, to fully understand how this method works and put it into practice, you have to know a little more about the importance it offers to the world of sales.

Another highlight of SPIN Selling is the elaboration of questions as a fundamental tool to convince someone verbally. However, you have to think carefully about each question, the tone to be used, the time for each answer, etc.

The main objective of SPIN Selling

Rackham’s main objective was to test whether the techniques that worked for simple sales would also be useful for complex negotiations.

Since an efficient method for larger sales had not yet been created, there was a need to develop a SPIN sales technique.

The SPIN shows that the most important thing is not necessarily the number of questions that are asked to the client, but the way in which they are done and the quality with which they are made. It was defined that the questions do not need to be linear and that when formulated properly, the questions should go like this:


  • Identify if the lead is in conversation with other competitors in the market;
  • Find out if he is influenced by someone or if he is the one who makes the final decision. This varies according to the position in a company, family, academic training, etc.;
  • Identify possible problems or doubts that arise during the process of implementing the solution;
  • Know what the budget limit of the client is and, mainly, how to work with that.


In a summary, the SPIN Selling has as objective to specify the big business of your company.


How to achieve success with SPIN Selling?

Rackham states that the success of a sale is linked to the research carried out throughout the sales process. To obtain success in a complex sale, in addition to following the steps of the SPIN cited above, the seller must:


  • Pay close attention in the problem investigation process to offer the best solutions for the client;
  • Be able to offer the best solutions. Meaning, know how to speak about the matter with authority and give clear answers to any doubts that may arise;
  • Be sure that you have managed to meet and solve the main concerns expressed by customers;
  • Know how to summarize clearly and objectively the benefits that your company can deliver;
  • Propose an effective hitch for the client.

Implementing SPIN Selling in complex sales

Does your company have the opportunity to close a deal with a large multinational sale or a sale of great value? Then it is time to study thoroughly and work with the SPIN Selling method in favor of the company. Since the 80s this study guarantees great possibilities of success for those who know how to use it effectively.


Has there been any doubt about how to apply this method in your sales? Get in touch with us and clarify these concerns.