Social Blade: the tool that speculates how much Youtubers earn

Surely you have noticed that the world no longer moves under the same dynamic. Technology has come to revolutionize our lives in all sectors, from new medical equipment that almost works miracles to the internet.

When we talk about the internet, it is practically impossible not to talk about the Youtubers. The reason is simple: The YouTubers are gaining more and more popularity! They came to show that it is possible to work with what they like, without leaving home and in some cases earning much, much money.

It is evident that in the face of this Youtubers’ dynamic, this has become the dream of many young people and adults around the world, where the consumption of materials through the internet grows and grows every day.

For many, the determining factor of interest in this topic is the profit it generates. If this is one of your main concerns, you are in the right place! Continue reading and meet the Social Blade, a tool that calculates the salaries of the most famous Youtubers in the world.


What is a Youtuber?

Before knowing how much the owners of the most sought-after channels earn, it is necessary to correctly understand this profession.

The word Youtuber is derived from the name of the YouTube platform, the world’s leading video network. Youtubers are people who star in their own videos and upload them on that platform.

Given these characteristics, you can easily identify a Youtuber. However, people only consider legitimate Youtubers those who manage to make this profession their source of income, bringing quality content and in large volume.

Who can be Youtuber?

Everyone who wishes can become a Youtuber. To do this, simply follow the rules that the network requires.

For example, YouTube does not allow the publication of videos that promote firearms or make apologies in favor of the subject.

In short, anyone who wants to be a youtuber can realize their dream, as long as you follow the established policies.

What is Social Blade?

As incredible as it sounds, Social Blade was created without great intentions by an American named Jason Urgo. Social Blade was launched in 2008, with the aim of accompanying the statistics of an American site called Digg, just for entertainment.

Two years later, in 2010, the site decided to start accompanying the YouTube numbers. Only in 2012 was it officialized, ceasing to be just a hobby of its creator, Urgo.

Between the years 2013 and 2014 Social Blade, he also analyzed the Twitch and Instagram data, respectively.

How does Social Blade work?

Currently, Social Blade is widely used in the area of ​​advertising, the RPM (revenue per thousand impressions – the estimated earnings you’d accrue for every 1000 impressions you receive). The RPM is the value that channels receive from advertisers for every thousand views in the video.

Evidently Social Blade does not have the accurate data on YouTube, since it is controlled by Google. For this reason, Social Blade is based on an average RPM for the industry. The value is 25 cents to 4 dollars per thousand views.

The site has a ranking, where the quality of YouTube channels is evaluated. The best receives A ++ note. The site only began to analyze the quality of the material in recent years, so that it is possible to differentiate between those that have many visualizations, of which they have many subscribers, but very few visualizations.

Currently Jason Urgo reveals that Social Blade evaluates the monthly views of the Youtubers. Because this factor affects the level of influence of Youtubers in the medium and YouTube has that metric in consideration.

How much does a Youtuber earn?

As you should have noticed, until today an exact number of how much a Youtuber earns has not been disclosed. But, according to the estimates of Social Blade, this value varies greatly from month to month, because it is a function of what Youtuber himself managed to do in certain periods.

YouTube does not disclose the percentage of the profits it gets. However, it is estimated that it is around 45% of the value of advertising insertions. With this we refer to the ads that appear on the screen, to interrupt the video or even those around you.

Within this business, YouTube has no profit margin when it comes to sponsorships within the structural content of the video.

It is important to note that each time a channel reaches return of $ 100 in advertising, Google makes a bank transfer to the person.

Constant changes

When we speak of the digital world, we cannot fall into false illusions that everything will remain as it is now.

Based on that, it is necessary to know that recently – in 2018 – YouTube monetization system underwent some changes. Previously, it was enough to produce original content, often regular and follow the rules of the YouTube community.

Now with the changes, in addition to meeting all the above criteria, to earn money on YouTube it is necessary to go through an extremely careful analysis. This analysis considers:

  • The hooking of users;
  • The type of content;
  • The number of channel views, etc.

Only the channels that have at least a thousand subscribers and not less than 4,000 hours of content displayed in the last 12 months, will be considered for the monetization program.


Are you clearer about what Social Blade is? Do you still have any doubt about the matter? Leave us your comments!