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Customize your EadBox portal

Customize your Eadbox portal with their brand. Brand your eadBox portal in a creative and unique way. With our intuitive customization tools, you can adapt your visual identity in only a few minutes.

Algumas das nossas melhores funcionalidades

Creation of courses

Create your online courses easily by using Scorm, video lessons, handouts, presentations, surveys, customer satisfaction surveys and many other options.


Automatically generated digital Certificates. Your students download the certificate and their overview of grades when approved in the courses.


Offer your students a special access subscription to their courses.

Diversified content

To use your content we have many features such as, Scorm content, video lessons, handouts, presentations, spreadsheets, HTML5, Flash, Iframe, evaluations and satisfaction surveys.


Follow the progress of your students and optionally, use methods to monitor their performance.

Satisfaction surveys

Create satisfaction surveys and identify exactly where to improve. Review the information through dynamic graphics.

Course Catalog

Your own portal of online courses, fully customizable. Customizations can be made from the most basic to the most advanced level.


Post questions for interactive discussions and your students being able to respond. Comment on them and sort out the most useful answers.

Social Learning

Innovation in teaching methods through concepts that go beyond traditional learning. Collaborative environment that enables an easy, quick and effective study for students.


Students can access their courses anywhere with an internet connection. From their desktop, smartphone or tablet.


Intuitive, easy and effective communication for everyone. Send and receive messages quickly through the platform.


Perform integrations with third party tools like Google Analytics, Facebook, LinkedIn and many other services. Alternatively, if you prefer, create your own customized integrations with our API.