See the importance of sharing knowledge at work and how it can improve growth

If there is something that no one can take or steal from you is knowledge! Knowledge is one of the most important things that a person can have, both in the personal and professional area.

The rule is clear: the more knowledge -technical or theoretical- the employee has during his career, the more the company can rely on him and assign new activities.

In this context, one of the most important practices is the ‘knowledge management’. Only in Google there are approximately 5,400 results for this type of search.

What if you are now asking yourself “why should my company care about this issue?”, Continue reading the article and learn more about it:


What will you read in this article?


Knowledge management at work

This is characterized by a set of innovations and the use of technology that facilitate the exchange of knowledge. The knowledge management provides increased competitiveness among companies, boosting their growth.

This may seem like a concept alien to many organizations, but many of them already apply it in an unstructured way.

Every time your company provides training, workshops, lectures, courses, and other events with the goal of generating, retaining, developing/sharing the skills used to manage the business in the current molds or renew its performance model, it is investing knowledge management strategy.

In the end, it is through the strategy that companies can guarantee that all the professionals of the organization have the necessary knowledge to solve any problems and deal with adverse situations that provide growth for companies and employees.

How to share knowledge?

It is possible to share knowledge in different ways, everything depends on the capacity and planning of each company. Among the most traditional methods we can mention:

  • Meetings
  • Discussion channels;
  • Training;
  • Workshops;

With the aim of optimizing meetings and exchanges information it is possible to use e-learning platforms.


Of course! All this, after identifying a professional, of the sector that wants to work, that is responsible for transmitting knowledge to other officials in an efficient manner. In this way, the process will be more agile and effective.

Why learn something new?

If you’ve gotten here, you’re probably one of those people who agree with the maxim that says nobody owns the information.

After all, sharing knowledge means much more than simply transmitting information. It is essential to consider this process directly related to the change and evolution of the people.

Remembering that this attitude should not only start from the employer, the collaborators should also be willing to learn something new in their work environment so that the process is advantageous for both parties.

In everyday life, there are different ways to learn something new, such as:

  • Talk with other people: each person goes through different experiences, because they come from different places. In this way, having conversation makes it possible to get in touch with new knowledge;
  • Leave the comfort zone: knowledge is not only the information achieved, it also encompasses the experiences lived. In this way, getting out of the automatic mode represents great chances of obtaining more knowledge;
  • Read books and magazines: besides being something fun, it helps to increase the general culture. The suggestion here is to read a bit of everything;
  • Surfing the Internet: With the advancement of technology, the Internet has become a great means to acquire information from different areas.


Now that you know a little more about the importance of sharing knowledge at work and how this can contribute to the growth of the company. How about bringing that culture to your business? Do not forget to tell us your thoughts about it!