Requirements to be an Online Tutor

Meeting the main requirements to be a distance education tutor is a big step for those who want to get on the right foot in this market. The numbers prove this reality: The Higher Education Census showed an expansion of 7.2% in distance education in 2016. During this same period, face-to-face teaching was in the opposite direction, with a reduction of 0.08% in number of students enrolled.

Factors that drive growth

Of course, good quality internet access is a decisive factor. And along with it comes the mobile technologies, which offer convenience and flexibility to people. After all, today you can study wherever and whenever you want.

There are other factors that contribute to accelerate the pace of e-learning growth are:

  • Cost: Distance Education teaching, for the most part, is cheaper than the traditional equivalent. And there is no harm to quality.
  • Unemployment vs Career: Being unemployed is a bad idea to many people, where investing in a new learning method to increase one’s chances on being employed is a golden opportunity. So, why not take advantage of this new method and be an online education tutor?

What is a Distance Education tutor?

The online teacher interacts with students from the most varied parts of the world through online tools, webinars, e-mail, message boards, chat rooms and so on.

There are also platforms and software specific to the distance courses that optimize the learning and facilitate the life of the tutor and the students.

Each online education institution has its own rules for tutoring. However, some tutor assignments are common, such as:

  • Pedagogical responsibility to make online teaching a tool of real learning and growth for students.
  • Present content to keep students interested, motivated, and engaged.
  • Answer possible questions and needs of the students.
  • Analyze the performance of each student individually and the performance of the group.

Key Requirements for Being a Distance Education Tutor: 9 Tips

To be a brilliant online education tutor and stand out above average, you need to have some skills and obey the requirements that the company and the market will be demanding all the times.

So, if you are interested in having a career as online education tutor, take a note on our tips!

1) Specialization

Of course, in order to teach, you need to be an expert on the subject at hand. For example, you cannot be a tutor in a digital marketing course if you do not even know the main concepts on the subject. It seems obvious, but it is a golden rule and holds true for all types of education, including distance learning.

Some online education providers go further and require very specific qualifications. This is the case of an English course, which can request the TEFL certificate – Teaching English as a Foreign Language, also known as TESOL – Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages.

2) Behavioral Competencies

Every specialist who wishes to stand out as a reference in his area of ​​activity must invest in their skills on the subject. With the tutor online education, this is no different. The ability to relate to people, negotiation (we negotiate at all times), emotional control, among others, stand out.

3) Clarity in Communication

This is one of the requirements to be a very important online education tutor. After all, in distance learning, you cannot count on an eye or body language to know if the students are understanding or not. Thus, all communication must be correct, but simple, so that everyone can assimilate the messages perfectly.

4) Trust

Distance learning students need to understand you, but that’s not enough. It is essential for them to believe in the competence of the course and in the information, they are being transmitted. Winning this group trust is another requirement for being an online education tutor.

5) Usage of the language

How to prepare the content and correct the work of your students without language mastery? If you do not know grammar, concordance, spelling rules, etc., you will get a bad image regarding your credibility. This will inevitably break the confidence of your students in you and, consequently, in the course.

6) Continuous learning

One of the requirements to be an online education tutor is to have the humility to learn from the students and to know how to maintain a constant and interactive learning environment. You should always be open for learning new things and should not see your expertise as a reason not to study.

7) Listening, not only Speaking

As an online education tutor, you should be a good listener as well as a good speaker. Only speaking is not enough when you want to stimulate student engagement and motivation. The tutor needs to develop the ability to listen correctly. Also, by listening, the tutor creates the image of a person who is willing to support and whom the group can count on.

8) Encourage Extended Learning

The online education students should not limit themselves to the content presented in the “classroom”, called Virtual Learning Environments (VLE) .

You must go further, research and learn beyond what is on the shelf and handouts. It is up to the tutor to encourage the students to broaden their field of knowledge.

9) Ability to Mediate Conflicts

In distance education courses, there are also conflicts between people. Believe me, the distance is not always so great as to keep the flames under control. So, it is the tutor’s job not to allow the fire to spread, enabling the free expression of thought, but within the limits of mutual respect.

These are some important requirements to become a successful tutor, however they may vary from one company to another, so the tutor should always keep an eye open for those different kinds of requirements.

Where to find the opportunities?

So, did you like to know a little more about distance learning, the expansion of this market and its advantages? Are you eligible to be a distance education tutor?

If your answer is yes, continue reading because now it’s time to give you some tips on where you can find great opportunities.

In the age of internet, the vacancies appear in greater quantity. For example, you can start with a broad search as simple as Googling “vacant distance education tutor” and the results will pop up on your screen.

Also, you can sign up for specific sites for online tutoring opportunities and receive alerts of the vacancies in your email.

And do not forget LinkedIn. LinkedIn is a very powerful professional network, mostly used by recruiters to advertise and to find their ideal candidates.

In addition to registering to receive the alerts from LinkedIn, invest in the elaboration of your profile to shine more than the competitors.

Light camera action

Do you want to get your chance in distance education? It’s time to put your hand in the dough to shine. The first thing to do is to get organized. By doing that, you will save time, avoid rework and optimize your productivity.

The second point of attention for a distance education tutor is discipline. Without it, you won’t be able to go very far in the distance learning career.

Videos are widely used in distance learning courses to capture students’ attention. To prepare videos, you will need a semi-professional camera and microphone. Here in the blog we have a post that teaches everything about how to record video-lessons for online courses. It’s worth checking out!

And to be able to interact well with your students at a distance, it is essential to have fast and smooth internet.

If you work for a company, it will certainly indicate which the distance education platform to be used. But if you decide to set up your own courses, choosing the management platform is your responsibility. The use of these platforms is not a requirement but is highly recommended.

Eadbox Platform: Complete and Intuitive

If you are convinced that investing in distance learning is a good business and you are thinking about starting your own today, use technological tools and platforms as your allies to facilitate all work and optimize results.

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Here, you can create online courses, track your brand, student data, issue reports and a lot of other services. All in one place and easy to access.

The company follows the growth pace of the distance education market and earns thousands of new students each month. Today, there are over 600 clients and the number of registered students which has already surpassed the 1 million mark.

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