You might be the next online lecture reference to specific topics

A classroom lecture is a very useful feature, even in a distance learning course. Organizing group dynamics is part of the energizing teaching process that facilitates the cognitive process of students. Ergo, betting on some regular classes, even in a distance education course, is not a bad idea!

The best part of the story is that you can manage lecture lessons in your Eadbox platform quickly and easily!
Below, a super simple a step by step for you to master this feature:

1 – Create a lecture and add your lecture dates in the “Optional Settings” menu. Remember that you are able to have more lecture dates. Set a date, time, place and, if you prefer, a tutor for the lecture. Then just click “Save”.


When a lecture with attendance dates is created, you can access specific content called “Presence List”. Add it to create a presence control list in your lecture. During the creation, you can decide whether each student will have a weight in the total presence during the lesson or if the student will have to attend only one day to earn 100% participation. After the creation of the attendance list, the tutors with the permission of editing or the course author can fill this list. Simply select the date on which the student was present and, if desired, add some annotation to the lectures.
You want to have the actual lecture as private lessons? No problem, for this you can use the private lessons feature. When creating the lecture, select the “Private Lesson” option. By selecting this option, look for the lecture created, enter the “Edit student access” and select which students will have access to this lecture.

Using classroom features is very simple and very useful. Be sure to use them! And if you have any questions, you can always contact our support by e-mail “”.

See also our FAQ, there you will find several articles to make your eadBox platform a powerful tool for online courses!