Learn the best content formats for your online course

Today all companies want to differentiate themselves from their competition, regardless of the business niche in which they operate. And distance education takes it share of it too. In the middle of this dispute for recognition, there are several ways to gain a privileged place.

To stand out among so many people doing the same, it is necessary to go further. A good alternative is to innovate in the content formats that you offer. If you think this may be a solution for you, continue reading and be surprised by the variety of content you can offer.


What is the importance of varying?

It is common knowledge that whoever always offers the same will eventually tire the consumer and in the case of distance education, which involves both technology and trends, it is inevitable that things fall into monotony and disuse.


Investing in various content formats guarantees that you will always have the attention of the public, since by always offering the same type of material your proposal becomes predictable and the interest of the users will fall.


Besides that, the variety allows attracting more and more people, at the same time you will find within the target audience people have preferences for different formats.


Last but not least, you differentiate yourself from the competition.


Content formats.

Now that you have become clearer about the importance of diversifying the formats available in your online course, it is time to understand the content formats and what they can offer you according to your needs.



It is not only in the new year or in the supermarket that lists take center stage, on the contrary.


An example is the material you are reading now, here you can identify what you will find in the newsroom, different content formats and an explanation of each of them


By offering listed content, it is easier for the reader to associate the material with a specific topic.



The eBook is one of the most loved when we refer to content formats for online courses. This is because the contents and the adequate layout in the development of the eBook can meet diverse needs, both for the tutor and for the student.


For students, the main advantages are:


  • After the user downloads the eBook, he will be able to access the material whenever he wants, even if he is not connected to the Internet. This helps prioritize a maxim of distance education, which is continuous access.
  • It takes up less storage space on devices, compared to virtual classes, for example.
  • Accessible for people with hearing impairment.


For you as author/tutor the main advantages are:


  • Lower production cost, you just need to write and a good layout.
  • In case of being shy it is an optimal opportunity not to see you in front of a camera.
  • Focus on writing. For those who consider that they express themselves better through writing than by praying, this can be a good solution.


eBooks are usually made available in PDF or Epub. PDF is one of the most famous extensions for texts, they can be read from smartphones to computers.


In turn Epub is an extension that is gaining relevance in the digital medium, mainly because it offers the same benefits of PDF and adapts to different devices facilitating reading, in other words, it is responsive.


To develop a complete eBook, it is possible to add images, graphs and flow diagrams. Everything that is necessary to simplify the content and bring the knowledge to the student will be welcome.



When they are well done, the Infographics tend to contribute a lot to learning. They explain in a more didactic way and its structuring is done based on investigations of the subject that is being reported. It is no coincidence that this format is the most used to make massive disclosures.


In conclusion, the infographics organize, explain and provide information in an attractive way. What allows the content explained to be assimilated more easily.



Podcasts are delivered together with texts and their main characteristic is that they are represented by a voice or a set of these, that speak on a certain topic.


In this format it is necessary to have a good oratory, since the public will be guided by the voice mainly, regardless of whether it is accompanied by text.


It is very normal that the content of podcasts are specialized interviews on the topic that has been addressed, so when a person has concerns, there will be another that can be solved.


Video Classes

Obviously, we cannot leave virtual classes aside. As the name implies, this content consists of teaching classes through video.


Since the emergence of video classes, they have continued to grow and attract more and more students due to the sense of proximity they offer. Some of the benefits that it provides:

  • The content is absorbed more easily;
  • If a demonstration is necessary, it is easier to understand with a video;
  • Great offer of resources available in order to improve the material offered;
  • It allows a more fluid and personal communication;
  • Due to the long production process that demands, it is normal that people are willing to pay more;


These video-classes can be made available in several places; however, it is best to do so through specific platforms for this.


Having a broader idea about the different formats, it is impossible for you to stay with just one, stop offering the same. Start to offer different content formats and captivate your audience.




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