Learn How to Use Trello and Organize Your Tasks Better

Have you heard about Trello or do you know how to use it? This is another tool that can be used to organize your professional life. When it is well applied on a day-to-day basis, Trello increases your productivity and that of your team.

It is important to emphasize that regardless of the area of ​​development or the position within the company, being organized and productive always has positive aspects which help to have an efficient, constant and successful career.

Although today it is necessary to be a multitasking professional and know how to deal with issues of different nature, it is also possible to use the help of tools that did not exist years ago. If you’re still one of those who resists using technology to your advantage, maybe it’s time to consider it. Keep in mind that we are in a very competitive market and any help of any tool can make the difference while reaching success. And knowing how to use Trello in the daily routine of your company can be a differential in your results of your organization and productivity.

If you still do not know this tool of great help in companies, take the opportunity to read this article until the end.


What will you read in this article?


What is Trello?

Created in 2011, Trello is a 100% online tool that helps in the creation of task lists. It can be accessed from any browser and does not need to be downloaded.

The Trello lists are made in frame formats, making them practical, flexible and visibly easy to understand. That is why it has become a tool used by companies in which it is necessary that several professionals get involved to perform a task. So, everyone knows what they have to do.

However, it can also be used in individual tasks. It has become a very viable option for people who work alone at home. Because it helps to keep the schedule of activities updated and organized.

In addition to work, Trello is also very useful for people who want to organize everyday tasks. It is practical, intuitive and easy to use. Therefore, what is worth highlighting is that this is a tool applicable to any field that needs to be organized. Additionally, this is a free tool that allows integration with file platforms – such as DropBox, Google Drive and OneDrive.

Learn how to use Trello: invest in the task list

Trello is ideal for those who want to have an overview of the projects to be developed. It works in a frame system. Within the tables, cards are elaborated with the activities to be developed in list format. There, the details of each action are located.

To use Trello efficiently, you need to master only 4 functions:

  • Frames/boards: This is your main panel where all the lists of a project are placed. It is used for more general subjects; these pictures can be individual or be part of a set.
  • Time: that is, the groups of frames that will be related if they are part of the same project. Here are the people who can see or collaborate with certain cadres;
  • The lists: columns created within the frames to keep the cards organized. They are very flexible and with more specific themes within each framework;
  • The cards: the tasks to be performed. They are placed vertically in each list and may contain information such as: checklists, images, delivery dates, attachments, labels, conversations with other professionals that are also part of the development of that task, among others. They work as a kind of shareable post-it, but they will not be lost.


In summary: the frameworks are the general issues, which can be part of joint works or not:

– Frames – to be well organized – must contain lists;

– The cards will be on the lists – with the tasks that must be done and their details.


Once you start using it you can see how intuitive Trello is, you will manage it naturally. The tool is easy to use and practical. When used in group tasks, Trello helps to have a better flow of activities. With this, time is optimized, and equipment productivity improves. The result? Jobs delivered before the deadline and with lower rework rates.

Organizing your life with Trello

An important initial suggestion to know how to use Trello is to: divide tasks according to the days of the week. Create a list for each day and add there the tasks to be performed. If you know the “GTD” method, you can use Trello to put it into practice.

The GTD (Getting Things Done) aims to improve organization, productivity and time management. One of the main items of this way of thinking is to make lists/checklists of actions to be developed. Additionally, note these tasks in calendars or reminders. That’s where Trello can work extremely efficiently. By joining the GTD tool with the knowledge in Trello, greater productivity can be achieved with a lower level of stress.

Do you already know how to use Trello?

Now that you know more about how to use this tool, improve the efficiency of your daily tasks with this flexible and free tool with innumerable resources.

If you still have any questions, the suggestion is to explore Trello and its functions. When the instructions are read, it may seem complicated. However, having a brief contact with the tool and reading this article will let you know how to use Trello intuitively.

If you still have any questions about the subject, please, get in touch with us!