Learn about trends in the digital entertainment industry

Working with the internet means keeping up with the news that comes up every day. We are talking about a sector that grow rapidly. The case is the same when it comes to the digital entertainment. People choose to consume products in this format more and more.

Digital entertainment can be distributed and accessed through thousands of platforms and content formats. It is the responsibility of companies to use them to their advantage and fight their own battles, as against piracy, for example.

The way of consuming, and consequently of producing entertainment, changed – and continues in constant change. It is necessary to adapt to the online and virtual world. Corporations must keep in mind that people will not stop consuming entertainment material. But they will do it using other platforms and tools.


Changes and adaptations in content production

Over time, platforms, tools and subjects of public interest change – to get their production of digital entertainment content right, the company needs to know that.

Moreover, as globalization allows unlimited Internet access for millions of people, competition is much greater. At the same time, people are always in a hurry and want to consume quality material that makes their time worthwhile.

Therefore, to succeed in the digital entertainment industry, you need to invest accurately. And this investment must be made both in the content editorial plan, as well as in its form of dissemination and format of the material.

To achieve its objectives, a company, regardless of its size and area of ​​expertise, needs to stand out in the market. And investing strategically in digital entertainment has been one of the best ways to succeed.

Major trends in digital entertainment

Live streams through apps, websites, and social networks

This content format makes the internet user feel closer to the event being broadcasted. Business social networks like Instagram and Facebook have realized that people are interested in this content format. They inserted this tool in its functionalities – obviously for a reason.

Live broadcasts on social networks enable businesses to have a direct channel with customers, with instant feedback.

YouTube also offers the ability to make lives on your channels. In fact, YouTube began investing in this content production format 10 years ago, back in 2008. But its success could be seen in 2011 when the platform conveyed the royal wedding between Kate Middleton and Prince William. It took three years of investment until the desired success was achieved.

In the digital world, three years means a lot of time. Many strategies change, platforms are created, and subjects of interest are modified.

YouTube was extremely visionary and daring when it invested in live streaming. Today, this format of content consumption is done by most users. Companies that use this tool wisely, come out ahead.

Investment in the area of ​​games

The gaming industry is also going through a time of great investment and increased reach and audience. To understand the importance of this sector, today there already exists even undergraduate courses specializing in Games Design and Digital Entertainment.

The companies also understood the importance of investing in gamification strategies, which stimulate, educate and entertain their employees through fun and entertaining activities. It is a tool that helps in the engagement and allows the employee to learn and get informed about various subjects in a more entertainable way.

Virtual and augmented reality

The virtual and augmented reality industry has long been a subject. However, it has always been treated as something that would become reality only in the future. Apparently, the future has arrived.

Virtual reality finally becomes more accessible to the public. More systems and applications are being created every day for this digital entertainment trend.

Just like the investments in gaming, virtual reality is also a tool that can be used in various entertainment formats – from recreation, education, health, etc.

Content Subscription Platforms

The consumption of digital entertainment can also be done via subscription platforms. There are several companies that work in this format and this number tends to increase even more over the years.

Just to mention some current examples of the entertainment industry, we can mention Netflix and Spotify. Both work in a similar way, what changes is: Netflix distributes audiovisual content and Spotify only songs. But they are not the only ones on the market.

PlayStation also has a subscription system – the PlayStation +. ESPN also offers the option of signing up to watch its programs and other sports-related digital materials.

In addition, new platforms are emerging that want to “dethrone” Netflix and become big competitors: Amazon and HBO have already launched their streaming subscription channels, proving the expansion of this trend of digital entertainment and are already gaining part of the public.

The entertainment industry constantly changes

Change is the word that defines the entertainment industry. With every novelty in the digital market, digital entertainment gains new formats, sizes and duration.

Here we cite some of the main trends and platforms in the digital entertainment industry. And just like any other action in the area of ​​technology, we emphasize that these trends always change. And they change extremely fast.

So, in order not to be left behind, every company must always be aware of what is successful at the moment, how its consumers are keeping themselves informed and what is their main audience, among many other aspects.