Customizing your Layout are the basis for attracting costumers

Having a complete platform means not only to invest in well-structured courses and quality content. We also need to invest in marketing your platform and when we talk about marketing the platform, we are talking about well-structured campaigns and customizing layout.

Having a well-structured, eye-catching and intuitive layout suggests your users a sense of credibility.

Therefore, take a look at our customizing tips we have prepared for you:

First let us understand which parts of your platform can be customized. Basically all public pages, or all pages that a person not logged on your platform could access. In addition, you can change some colors within the internal pages of the platform.

CSS public pages

To change these internal color, simply access the Settings menu> Layout > Edit layout and use the custom menus in the Dashboard.
You can insert logos on your pages, just consider using the suggested dimensions. Invest in all of your images, they are important for your platform. Do not stay with a “raw face”. Even the favicon – that little image that appears in the browser tab – is replaceable. You can create the feeling of a “complete environment” for anyone who accesses the your platform.

Other layout customizations can be made by costumized CSS fields of the login page and public pages. These customizations will be done with CSS and Html editing. For example, if you want to leave the footer color of your home in red , simply insert in the “CSS public pages” the following code: {

background-color: red! important;


Or, if you want to remove the banner from your home, just insert the following code:

.slider .slides li {img

display: none! important;


For these customizations, we are using our tool to inspect the elements of the browser, choosing reference classes of the element that you want to modify and setting rules for these classes.

Another tip is to avoid using images that contain text in the banners because depending on the settings that are made to the layout, text can be distorted or cut.

Checkt out more codes ready for easy customization of layout in your eadBox Platform!