Internal Business Communication: Know the Best Strategy for Your Business

Working with external communication and the dissemination of products/services is already done by the most companies. But many forget that one of the most important public for the company is its employees. Internal business communication is a tool plays crucial part to keep relationship between company and employees healthy.



What is internal business communication?

Internal corporate communication is the development of integrated communication actions directed at the internal public.

It should work to share relevant information, events, strategic decisions, goals and more with the entire company. It is also a very captivating channel to reinforce concepts such as company vision and values.

How important is this tool?

The employees of a company are who really make the business work and achieve its goals. Therefore, investing in communication channels is fundamental. Few things discourage employees as the lack of communication. It is very bad to hear of any news of the company through gossip and corridor talks. To keep the employee motivated and productive, having a direct and specific communication channel for them is essential.

Use internal communication within your company to keep employees engaged, aligned with company goals and to make them feel part of it.

Internal communication channels

There are many ways to implement internal business communication. Several channels work, and you can deploy multiple of them at the same time:

  • News wallTVs and corporate radios: They can be present in production environments and in rest environments, such as coffee and cafeteria;
  • E-mails: This is a great tool that is already widely used to give warnings, tell company news and produce specific content for different sectors within the company or different audiences. For example, the company can direct the communication only to the trainees, or to the managers;
  • Events and meetings: This channel could be used more as the company has with more corporate goals, important announcements, presentations of results and goals to display. But also explore this channel for entertainment and relaxation, such as happy hour, commemorative events etc.;
  • Intranet: Within the internal portal there may be many spaces for internal business communication. You can even use a business blog for employee access only, with posts about the company and others about various topics of interest to them.


Strengthen organizational culture and motivate your employees. Do not forget that internal business communication should be a two-way street. Open a dialogue with your collaborators and always offer the possibility that they also speak.