How to Use Google Keep to Organize Your Tasks

Within the set of applications and services that gain relevance for the organization of personal and corporate life, it is good to know and understand how to use Google Keep.

Developed by Google, Keep has its main focus on the notes, reminders and daily agendas. It is free and works as a kind of virtual agenda, and it has countless useful functions. It allows the user to write down their commitments, draw up lists of tasks to be done, write thoughts of the day, outlined objectives, etc. The tool is available for the Android, iOS and also has a web version.

If you want to learn how to organize yourself in a more effective and practical way, learning to use Keep in your favor will be of great help in your daily routine.

PS: Take advantage and check out another application developed for that purpose. Then you can analyze and compare them. That way you’ll know which one is best for your needs.



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How to use Keep in my day to day?

It is ideal to organize absolutely everything within the routine, Keep is easy to accommodate in your daily journey. With an easy and intuitive interface, it offers numerous features to optimize time. Thus, you manage to dedicate yourself to what you really need and not waste time with worries like forgetting meetings, letting go of some important task, etc.

Another great point of knowing how to use Keep is that it allows you to use several file formats, meaning: it is possible to use texts, audios and images in the same note. You can also use labels and markers to make the information easily visible. In addition, it allows the use of different colors in each note, according to your preference.

Another facility is the search tool in real time. In this way, you can find any note in a matter of seconds. Without loss of time.

In your daily routine, the Keep can be used to organize all activities to be performed, both professional and personal. Next, we will explain better about the main features of the application.

Using the Keep notes or the “Keep Notes”

In summary, Keep is a service of notes. It may sound simple, but there are innumerable characteristics that it has. For this reason, the application stands out in a world in which new applications emerge every day. Let’s check how this success happens:


1. Keep can also transcribe audio into free online text

Assume the following: the application is opened, and a message is recorded. When finished, the recording will automatically turn off and a new screen will appear with the text of the message and an audio file. Yes! the application writes everything that has been mentioned in the audio! Then, you can edit the text, add markers, title, correct the score, etc. It is a great tool, when used properly.


It is important to remember that this functionality is available only for smartphones, has not yet reached the web version.


2. Transform the image into text

Imagine one of those moments when you are attending a course and take a picture of the blackboard or slide, you may not be able to read the text or for a short time you cannot transcribe it to a document. Do not worry: Keep will do it for you.


The application allows you to take a picture of an image with phrases and, according to your preferences, you can transcribe what is written in the image. Of course, you can also edit the information that is transcribed by the application.


This is an extremely useful functionality, since in addition to the example described above, this tool saves a lot of time to those who need to pass reminders to the application.


3. Record and configure important reminders

Have you written a note and need to be notified about it? Keep has this tool. You just have to create a reminder inside the application and put the date and time you want to be reminded about that information.


It can be a single reminder, for a special occasion (such as an important meeting, for example), or a daily reminder (such as the time to take a medication) which means it can be important for personal and professional life.


4. Use of colors to classify and facilitate annotations

Colors are a visual resource widely used to keep annotations organized. Both for those made on paper and for those made through applications. Of course, Keep couldn’t have missed this option neither.


To organize annotations, the application allows you to separate notes or themes by color. It is also possible to divide them among tasks, deliveries and deadlines.


5. Keep has integrations with other applications – including Google Docs

It is common for Keep users to save content from other social networks or applications to watch it later with more attention. It can also be used to make drafts or as a notebook. For example: write the content of an email or a publication of a social network in Keep and then send it directly to the desired destination.


Also, knowing how to use Keep, it is also possible to integrate it into Google Docs. One of the characteristics of Keep is that it allows to drag an annotation of the application and drop it in Docs. This is a very important function for those who use Keep on the computer.




It is important to remember that in addition to all of these features mentioned above, Keep synchronizes all your notes with your Google account. The notes are always saved as soon as you exit the application.


How about placing order in your day to day with the help of that tool? Try it and then share with us your experience with the application!