How to use Evernote: An Easy Way to Organize Your Tasks on Your Phone

New applications are developed every day to supply different needs. For the corporate world there are some that are becoming increasingly essential, such as banking applications, social networks, calendars and reminders. One that stands out in this last aspect is Evernote. But, do you know how to use Evernote? If you still do not use this application, take the opportunity to download it today and organize your routine.

Evernote is ideal for those who work with texts and notes. It is a relatively new tool in the market and with increasing relevance. This is because it has an extremely intuitive interface and very important functionalities. It is also available for smartphones with Android or iOS systems.

In addition, Evernote has so much flexibility and functionality that allows you to create notes and separate them into colors and lists. It also offers the option to attach handmade drawings, add dates and reminders.

If you are interested in the application, continue with our article until the end! You will also learn how to use Evernote in the best way possible, by exploring its myriad resources to the fullest.


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Evernote: a multitasking and efficient notebook

It is important to adapt our life to the changes that are taking place. Investing in the use of good applications is a great help in this regard. These investments should not be seen as a waste of time, but as an aid to personal and professional life. Knowing how to use Evernote is just proof of that.

This is a free application, easy to use and countless useful functions. There is no single way to use it, it is up to the user to adapt the functions present in their daily lives. Our main indication is: do not be afraid and explore. This is useful both for learning how to use Evernote and for any application you choose to download.

It is good to take time to investigate the tools that are present there. With the passage of time, see adding new Evernote features in your life. You will notice how your day to day becomes more organized. And you will gain in tranquility, because you will not have to worry about innumerable situations: Evernote will do it for you. You just have to customize it in the way that best suits your needs.

How does Evernote work?

As it was said before, Evernote is an application with diverse functionalities. Here we will mention some of them:

1. Creating and editing the Evernote notes

The application itself creates a standard notebook. In it, it is possible for the user to make his annotations, just as he would in a notebook. However, one of the features of the application is to offer the option of creating more than one notebook. You can create as many as you wish and name them in the way you deem most convenient.

Within these notebooks you can add notes, reminders, attachments and other elements that you consider important.

2. Moving and erasing the notes

Do you want to delete some annotation or move it from one notebook to the other? It’s possible. You just have to select the note you want to move or delete and then the options available for it will appear.

PS: whatever is deleted can be recovered later.

3. Organizing: dates, reminders and formats

The application allows you to place final deadlines, dates and reminders on specific days and times. It also allows information to be placed in different formats, such as: bold, italics, underlining, use of colors, etc. This functionality is of great help for visual appeal.

4. Usage of tags

This is an essential element to know while using Evernote. To do this, simply select the symbol of the label of the note and classify it. This function is very important to keep the notes organized, it is useful to define the topics of the notes saved in the same notebook. For example, a group of annotations of the daily task can contain the shopping list of the supermarket.

You can also use several labels on the same note, so you will not have to worry about losing that content.

5. Different formats

Evernote allows you to add attachments to your notes. They can be images, audios, videos, documents, among others. If you did an interview or attended a conference, you can add audios to an Evernote note.

6. Checklists

Checking is a highly recommended method for anyone who wants to be organized. Evernote allows you to create this format. Thus, you can write down the things to be done and, after the completion, you can indicate if it was done or not.

Additional Tip: Use Evernote Beyond Professional Topics

To begin to know the application and become familiar with it, make notes with the things you love or where you find inspiration. If you are a person who likes to travel, for example, use Evernote to record all the information of a trip: date and time of flights, hotels, things to do in the destination, number of documents, etc.

You can also use Evernote to write down recipes, if you’re interested in gastronomy; or if they are subjects related to sports, you can write down the schedule of the next game of your team; or financial information, to better control expenses, among others.

This application can also be very well used by students, who can write down there the classes they have already attended, the exercises that need to be done, dates of tests and deliveries of work, etc.

What we want to make clear with this extra suggestion is: Evernote can be used in both professional and personal life. Simply make the most of its functionalities.

Now you know how to use Evernote

With these tips in hand, you already know how to start using Evernote. You just have to download the application and try all the features present there. Do not be afraid to explore and invest time in that.

Did you already know Evernote? What do you think of this application? Do you know other applications that help in the organization of activities for day to day? Share your opinions with us