How to Take Screenshots on the Computer and What Tools to Use

Screen capture or screenshots is certainly a very useful tool when we need to record something that happens in real time on our computer, quickly save an image or even transform a text into an image to facilitate sharing. In short, there are innumerable possibilities that screen capture provides in the online environment.

If you are one of those users faithful to the tools to take screenshots, you will love discovering that taking screen capture on computer it is not always done with the famous combination of the PrintScreen and Paint.

Currently there are thousands of tools that can be added as an extension in Google Chrome, Edge, Mozilla Firefox … which are tools used online to help in the task of trimming a selected area and saving it in the computer.

But, before continuing with the tips on the tools, what exactly is a screenshot or screen capture?


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What is a screenshot?

As its name suggests, it consists the reproduction in the form of an image that is shown on the computer screen or mobile devices. Unlike screen recording, which generates recording in video format, the capture generates images commonly in JPEG, PNG format. GIF and HTML (an image URL to be displayed in browsers).


On the computer, there are at least three factory tools that allow you to capture the screen, which are: the shortcut on the PrintScreen keyboard, usually located above the number area on the right side; the Paint program; and the most efficient of them, the capture tool, which allows you to select the area you want to save in square or rectangular format.


All these tools are easy to use. However, they have some limitations, for example, you can only save the visible area of ​​the screen. In this way, in many cases it is necessary to improvise to obtain the information of a complete screen.


So, if you want to find out what tools to use to take screenshots on the computer, do not miss these tips:


How to take screenshots with extensions


1. LightShot

This is considered the best option to take screenshots, it works as an extension in Google Chrome. Through this program it is possible to save images directly on your desktop. It also offers the possibility to save the full screen, edit the capture area and share on social networks.


The LightShot tool is available in the form of an extension, as well as for IOS, Android, and Windows.


2. Full Page Screen Capture

The Full Page Screen Capture tool is an option for those who want to capture a whole page of the computer with just a few clicks. You just have to download and install this extension in your browser and go!


When you need to save an image, you just have to identify the icon of a camera on the left in the browser and download it.


At this time this tool is only available for the Google Chrome browser.


3. AwesomeScreenshot

Very commonly used in several browsers, this tool makes it possible to capture screens only of a selected area or of a whole page, even if it has a scroll bar. It is also possible to make some small editions, this is a super important feature to keep secret information that you do not want to share. The options to blur and highlight information is an example of this.

Currently the Awesome Screenshot is available for browsers of Google, Mozilla Firefox and Safari.


How to make screen capture with online tools

1. WeB Capture Net

On the web there are innumerable tools to facilitate our life that is known to everyone but surely, I did not know Web Capture Net. This is an online tool that provides screenshots via link. That is, it is not necessary to download or install anything and allows saving in PDF, JPEG, SVG and HTML.

2. Snapito

Snapito, as well as Web Capture Net, is an online tool in which it is possible to capture the computer screen when you are online. But, in addition to saving in PDF, JPEG, SVG and HTML formats, the platform also allows sharing on Pinterest and gives the option of short link to send to other people.


How to take screenshots through software

1. Though the Stones

This is a super software special for those who always need to have a complete tool at hand to solve multiple problems. With it, it is possible to download the image, make quick edits, annotations, highlight information and insert texts.

Although it is available only for Windows, the FastStones adapts well to all browsers.


2. Snagit

Snagit provides fast and high-quality screenshots. With just one click it is possible to obtain the record that is visible on the computer screen. Easy to use, being ideal for those who need to capture a small cut or the entire screen. In addition, it has an area for quick edits to highlight elements and information, apply filters, make observations and notes.


3. Screepresso

Screepresso is a free tool that offers fast screen capture options in PDF, JPEG, SVG and HTML formats. In addition, through this it is possible to share the image on social networks.

Now that you know how to take screenshots on your computer and know what tools to use, how about experiencing some of these options? Do not forget to tell us how your experience was!