How to stimulate innovation in your team in 5 steps

Do you know how to stimulate innovation within your company? This can be an essential action to ensure engagement in the workplace and for the application of new ideas. If you want to stimulate innovative actions, know some important tips to put into practice.

Also, it is worth mentioning that knowing how to stimulate innovation in your company, you will have a more qualified, engaged and motivated team. The result? Improved productivity and talent retention. But how to stimulate innovation and make the best out of these innovative actions in your business environment? Check out tips to achieve that step by step!


How to stimulate corporate innovation in 5 steps:

  1. Encourage feedback and dialogue between teams

To understand how to stimulate innovation in your team, it is important to provide a supportive environment, which is a place that allows good feedback and dialogue among all professionals. Therefore, encourage the sharing of ideas.

To start applying corporate innovation, offer space during the meetings for everyone to participate. This is an important channel for employees to present their ideas, opinions and different points of view. Also, promote brainstorms and discussions among team members. It is during these moments that the insights for innovative solutions could occur.

  1. Offer creative actions

In addition to encouraging dialogue and feedback, it is also important to think of creative actions that stimulate innovation. Gamification, challenges, team actions, presentations, lectures, seminars, diversified events, visits, among others.

Also, among the creative actions, demonstrate recognition by the team members who stand out. Those who offer novelties and think out of the box. This is an action that shows the company recognizes good employees and inspires other team members to be better.

  1. Prioritize the collective

Stimulating innovation in your team also consists of prioritizing the collective versus the individual. This means that team leaders should become more involved with teams, with the goal of stimulating integration between departments and professionals.

Keep in mind that a team that is united, aligned, and working with the same focus, is more likely to solve old problems of the institution. It is possible for a professional to start suggesting a good solutions and ideas which can lead other collaborators to develop and improve those ideas.

  1. Change the corporate culture

To know how to stimulate innovation, it is essential to recognize that it is directly linked to the culture of the company. Therefore, it is a gradual change that happens every day – and that should be taken seriously by all the professionals who work there.

Remember that it is not enough to tell your team that they need to innovate. It is necessary to point out the ways on how to do it and to make clear what are the intended effects in the search for this innovation. To do this, be consistent in your actions and don’t force your team to the limit during the process. The stimulus to innovation must be natural and, over time, arouse the voluntary interest of employees. This happens at the moment they realize that these actions are positive for everyone.

  1. Use the technological tools in your favor

All the actions mentioned above can – and should – be improved with the aid of technological tools. Because with these tools you can have communication channels open 24/7.Also, they allow relevant materials to be shared between employees and encourage dialogue amongst all.

Therefore, it is possible for the company to use a good distance education system, for example, to offer materials and training for the qualification of employees. In addition, these tools are cost-effective for both for company and for employees.

Time to get results

As stated earlier, to know how to stimulate innovation in your team you have to keep in mind that this is a gradual change. Therefore, it requires patience and focus. It is necessary for the manager know how the progress of these actions. Also, it is important to know how to recognize and measure the results of innovations.

To achieve this metrication, it is fundamental for the company to define the objectives of investing in corporate innovation. The goals can vary from improving cash flow by 20% in 6 months, or by having the current team produce more effectively, without wasting time and resources, etc.

In addition, innovation can also be used to qualify professionals and develop skills and abilities in other areas.

Ready to stimulate innovation in your company?

While this is a time-consuming process and requires collective effort, it is essential to understand that the sooner you start to stimulate business innovation, the sooner you will have a creative business, engaged professionals, retained talent, and satisfied customers.

Now ready to put these actions into practice? Do you have any more tips on how to stimulate innovation? Then share your opinion and leave your comment!