How to Sell by WhatsApp and Improve the Relationship with your Clients

It has been a while since WhatsApp is used by millions of people around the world. It is estimated that there are more than 1.2 billion users. These numbers serve to demonstrate that it is an extremely important communication tool for current relationships and can/should be used by companies. It is possible to sell by WhatsApp, just know what the best ways are to do this and use other options of the application that go beyond the conversation through the smartphone.

If you are a faithful user of WhatsApp, but still do not use it to strengthen the relationship of the company with customers, do not waste more time. Remember that this tool has more users than Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn and Pinterest together. So that you have a clearer idea of ​​the dimension it has and its scope.

To become a powerful ally and learn to sell by WhatsApp, read below to learn about the essential tips to strengthen the relationship with leads and customers.


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Understanding WhatsApp as a digital marketing tool

Put aside the traditional perception of WhatsApp. Do not see it as a message exchange network. Adopt it as an extremely useful digital marketing tool.

Digital marketing is a set of activities that a company does online, with the aim of attracting new business opportunities, creating and strengthening relationships, as well as perfecting and developing the identity of the brand. Through digital marketing, companies offer solutions to potential problems and meet the goals of attracting leads and customers.

For this, you can make use of the various tools available and offered by the technology. And the sale by WhatsApp is a possibility that can and should be exploited by companies.

Using WhatsApp in favor of your business

Use WhatsApp Web:

Did you know that you can use WhatsApp on your computer? This can make life easier when sending messages and contacting several clients at the same time.

Use the diffusion lists

The broadcast list is a function that allows you to send a message to several contacts at the same time. Using this tool, the contacts do not know that they are in a list or that the message sent is for several people. For the dissemination list to be effective, the ideal is that customers should be segmented according to their interest.

Ask customers to add your mobile phone number

Thus, you offer your number and you know that customers add you, you can identify if they have an interest in the information and news related to your company. You can maintain a relationship of trust with them and avoid the creation of a negative image.

Ask for authorization before adding contacts

The company must create an efficient and gentle request for the client to share their number. Therefore, the clients authorize the company to add their number and be part of our network of contacts. To do this, you must think of interesting ways for the client to feel motivated and give you his/her endorsement.

Provide support to customers through WhatsApp

Already having the contacts of the clients, you must use this tool to optimize your relationship with them. We recommend offering support, answering questions, etc. If necessary, you can use the other resources available to allow the conversation to be more dynamic. You can send audios, videos, images and documents, to explain situations or show new products.

Train your team

To be successful in selling by WhatsApp, you should train your team so that the task can be developed effectively. In this training, it is necessary to show the importance of providing personalized attention, with objective and direct texts, based on the information requested by the client. It is good to emphasize the care that should be taken with the tone of the conversation. After all, it cannot be formal or informal in the extreme.

Define your visual identity

Although WhatsApp does not allow many customizations, it is possible to use the ones that are available. In the profile picture, you can use an image of the company, such as the logo. Also, in the “name” and “status” highlights some differential of your products and services. If the company has a motto, you can use it in the state.

Key point to be considered when selling by WhatsApp

For the results of sales and relationships through the application to be positive, it is necessary to be careful with the time and tone of the language used in the messages. It is also recommended to be careful when adding contacts to groups: check if there is authorization from those involved.

It is also important to be careful to disseminate promotions to customers. Just send the information that interests them. To know with certainty, organize your CRM and use it in your favor.

It is also necessary to take into account the responses of customers. Never ignore the feedback or doubts they send. Doing so can be understood as a neglect of the brand.

It is also necessary to remember that (at least until today), it is not possible to measure the performance of the client’s commitment to the brand in a practical way through WhatsApp, nor is there a way to make the message reach a larger audience.

Have you learned a little more about how to sell on WhatsApp?

Understanding the importance that this tool can have for business, it is recommended that companies make use of it in an intelligent manner. The careful and effective implementation of WhatsApp can result in a great contribution to the business.

Tell us: Do you already use WhatsApp to sell? What do you think about this tool in the business world? Do you have any doubt about the matter? Get in touch and share your experiences with us.