How to scale up franchise training to reduce costs and save time

Do you know how to scale up training for franchises? Many entrepreneurs are starting to invest in franchises, where they take a store of well-established brand and offer the same products and shopping experience to customers anywhere in the world. It is important to know that the entrepreneur who invests in a franchise needs to have a good starting capital. Depending on the chosen franchise, all the rights are acquired from the franchisor. Another essential point to succeed when investing in a franchise is to have a highly qualified team. Because it is necessary to maintain the same standards of services and products in all brand stores. If the quality standard is to be maintained among all franchisees, knowing how to scale up training becomes even more important. This way, if you want to become a new franchisee, knowing how to offer good training programs can be the highlight of your business. Take advantage of all the tools that technology can offer for this. Thus, it will be possible to do standardize the training and make it effective for everyone on your team. Check it out!


How to scale up franchise training?

As stated earlier: franchises require high standardization and quality. Therefore, it is very important to invest in effective training actions that would make the most of your time and maintain the attention of your teams. This is how the online trainings stand out. They can help you to save time, standardize the procedure, make comprehensive analysis and have reports even in large scales.

Training through online courses for franchises allows the entrepreneur to know how to scale up the training in a healthy way. With a single video lesson, you can reach several franchise units, save time for each contributor and reduce the infrastructure costs.

The advantages of using distance education for franchise training

To understand better how to scale up the training for franchise, it is useful to know the advantages offered by the format of online courses. Among many of them, we can highlight:


When conducting a training in a traditional way, all of the employees must be present at the same time and place, which is not always easy. By investing in online training, each professional can perform the training at the most convenient time and place for them – according to the deadline stipulated by the company.


The material that is going to be used in the courses should be same for every course with a very good quality. After creation of the content, the material is reviewed and then approved by the franchisor. In this way, the training is presented in the same way to all team professionals. This standardization process prevents any misinterpretations and other problems that could occur due to instructors’ discourse allowing each contributor to have the learn from the same content with same quality.


To scale up training for franchise, it’s easier to invest in a good distance education platform rather than trying to arrange a common auditorium for all the employees from various cities, states and even countries depending on the franchise. Technology is one of the best allies you can have when you’re improving your training for franchises in the way it provides viability for any team or individual with noticeably lower costs.


There is no need to worry about finding a date on the calendar that is accessible to everyone. Training can be made available at a time the company deems most convenient.


A good distance education platform would allow your company to have great control over its training. You can analyze the progress of each employee and apply completion evaluations for each training. In this way, the company will know if the training is working as it should, if there is a module that generates doubts to the employees, or there is an issue that should be better explored among others.


Another important point to know while scaling up your training procedure is to leave the dialogue channels always open. Therefore, it is important to have the right tools and platforms to help with this. Also, it is up to the company to implement the feedback culture and listen to what the employees are saying/suggesting. Through chats, forums and e-mails your team can tell you what the good points in the training are, if there is something missing or if the franchisor should produce more specific material, etc.


Online training for franchises does not need to be done just with video lessons. Franchisers can invest in a wealth of material choices that engage and qualify their employees. Thus, animations, gamification actions, infographics, rich materials – such as e-books – among others can be produced. The objective is to guarantee the good learning of the teams and to make each employee feel himself/herself belonging to that brand.

Now you know how to scale up training for franchises!

Now you know how online education can help you to scale up your current training or create a good training for franchises!

It is worth mentioning that the actions offered through distance education must be observed and analyzed personally by the company. Thus, the brand will know if the training is working as it should and if there is a need to implement new actions.

So, are you ready to qualify and standardize your franchisees’ training? Do you have any other tips to enrich our material? Leave your comment!