How to retain clients and turn them into advocates for your brand

Do you know how to effectively retain customers and, make them promoters and advocates for your brand? Check out some tips and advantages of investing in this idea!

We all know that the thing guarantees the success of a brand is the good relationship with the customer, right? Therefore, to be successful in these actions, it is important to act in a proper manner. As in any other area of ​​the company, the relationship is something that requires preparation, planning and, action.

Do you want to count on satisfied, loyal, and propagating customers of your brand? Check out how to add these steps to your marketing strategy and learn how to do this efficiently. First, look at customer retention tips to learn how to turn them into brand lawyers.


How to retain customers?

In a nutshell, knowing how to retain customers is keeping them loyal to your brand. With the right marketing strategies and quality, you’ve already managed to draw the attention of your clients. Now, it’s time to strengthen the relationship by creating a bond between the brand and the client, making them want to continue consuming your brand’s products and services. To do so, there are some actions to take. Among them, we highlight the following ones:

  1. Know your customer

To make a relationship work, it is essential that you get to know the other party involved well. When it comes to the professional relationship, it is necessary for you to get to know your audience and clients deeply. Only then will you know what to offer, whom to offer, how and when to offer. These actions will make the customer feel valued and recognized by you. Knowing your audience increases brand empathy, where you can put yourself in their shoes and thus offer exactly what they are looking for.

  1. Use churn rates in your favor

Churn is a term used to represent the proportion of customers who quit their service at a given time. It is the portion of your audience that canceled your subscription. So instead of seeing this rate as a negative, turn it into a motivation for your business.

Calculate how your churn rate is, and then take action to improve your brand relationship with your customers. Your goal is always to lower the churn rate. That is why it is essential to check it from time to time to make sure that your campaigns are succeeding and whether your audience is receiving relevant materials.

  1. Learn how to relate to the customer

In addition to offering relevant materials to decrease churn, another key action to know how to retain customers is: know how to relate to them. When a problem occurs, or your client needs you in any way, you should be ready to attend them. Always be on the lookout for communication channels and willing to talk to the audience.

Also, consider the opinions and feedback offered by customers. Have a good SAC, do surveys and polls, encourage salespeople to ask customers their opinion about your brand, among others.

Also, e-mail should be a valuable communication tool between business and the public. This channel allows you to create customized and targeted campaigns according to the personal tastes, needs, behaviors and other characteristics of each client. So, you can get in touch with that person in a most efficient way.

To do this, it is important to have technological tools in your favor and a good team, always willing to offer the best experience to your audience.

  1. Offer positive experiences

The customer becomes loyal because the relationship he/she has with the brand is assimilated to positive feelings. Whether in a physical or virtual store, it is essential to ensure that your customer ends the business with a feeling of having made a good purchase. And more than that, that feeling must remain to the point that he wishes to re-negotiate with you and point his/her friends to you.

Positive experiences are guaranteed through innumerable actions that work together, which are:

  • Good service;
  • Creating feeling of appreciation;
  • Good payment ways;
  • In the case of online services, shipments, exchanges and returns solving the issue in an appropriate manner;
  • Quality in the product, among others.

It is important that your company offers all these features when closing a deal.

How to turn customers into lawyers for your brand?

In addition to retaining customers, the goal of companies is to make them become advocates for your brand. In other words, brand clients are the spontaneous propagators and promoters of your company. This is something that ensures great credibility and attracts the public.

So, to make sure your business knows how to retain customers and then turn them into your brand’s advocates, the most important action in this scenario is to use the tools available to you. Social networking, for example, is an excellent channel to encourage your customers to post their opinions about the brand.

Also, posting positive testimonials and success stories to show your company values to ​​your customers and encourages feedback.

Now you know how to retain customers!

With these tips your company is better prepared to value your customers, retain them and turn them into advocates and propagators of your brand. Remember that this is a cycle that must always be kept in balance, after all, the goal is to make customers stay true to your brand for as long as possible.

So, are you ready to put these actions into practice? Leave your comment!