How to optimize corporate training with internal multipliers

Investing in training to get qualified, committed and updated collaborators in the market is essential. But how to guarantee the efficiency and optimization of these actions? There are several actions that can be performed by the administrative area of ​​the company, and one of them is the use of internal multipliers. Do you know what they are and what is their goal?

Read this article until the end and clarify all the doubts that you have regarding this topic, the importance of investing in actions of this type and the multiple benefits that can emanate from this practice. It is important to note that with the passing of time, professionals who have the characteristics of internal multipliers will become increasingly valued by the company. Later we will understand the reasons.


What are internal multipliers?

In short, the internal multipliers, as the name says, are professionals who feel encouraged to multiply knowledge. That being the case, internal multipliers are collaborators who teach certain practices and techniques to their colleagues. In the end, both the company, the collaborator and his team win.

Advantages of having good internal multipliers

The company that has professionals with these characteristics is in a prominent position. This is because the fact of having internal multipliers in the company, drives the development of leaders within it. In addition, it is a way to make collaborators who have great knowledge about a topic, share it with others. The results of these actions are:

  • The multiplier develops its own leadership and public speaking skills;
  • It guarantees the company that all the knowledge acquired by the collaborators will pass to other people. In case the collaborators change positions or leave the company, the information will remain inside the company because the knowledge was previously shared;
  • The professionals of the company become more qualified and committed.

In this scenario, it is easy to understand that optimizing corporate training with internal multipliers is an action that represents gains for all the parties involved.

Also, it is worth mentioning that companies must encourage each of their teams to become true internal multipliers. In this way, professionals will feel motivated to share their knowledge and experience.

How to “create” internal multipliers?

The formation of internal multipliers is something that should be part of the culture of the company. The first step to be successful in this is to make the corporation value each one of its professionals. Only then, they will feel safe and valued to share their knowledge.

Changing the culture of a company is something that happens gradually. However, to be successful, it is necessary that all the people in the company are committed to the change, from managers to new professionals. In this way, all areas will understand the importance of these actions for business success.

To implement this culture of knowledge, there are some steps that a company should follow. We show them below:

Actions to be taken to stimulate the formation of internal multipliers:

  • Assign a collaborator to make a short presentation for the whole team – up to 15 minutes – on some subject that dominates;
  • Encourage the participation of all during the general meetings, so that they can give new ideas and feedbacks;
  • Offer certificates to officials who complete specific training. Thus, they can seize that knowledge and teach those who did not do the training;
  • Recognize the professionals who are doing a good job, and encourage them to share their knowledge with others;
  • Stimulate the habit of learning among professionals;
  • Develop creative actions that improve the work environment and inspire collaborators – such as gamification.

Reduction in costs and optimization of training

Offering good courses and corporate training is something that can involve a large financial investment. However, by having internal multipliers, that value can decrease significantly. For example, a collaborator who is part of the company may be responsible for applying and monitoring a course within it. In this way, there will be a greater sense of proximity and relationship among professionals.

A training in this modality does not require the hiring of an external lecturer. It is possible to guarantee the quality of the training and the final success by internal multipliers. The company should only define if the training will be face-to-face or with distance training. Whatever the option, the possibility of obtaining a good return on investment is high.

The discovery of new talents

The action of sharing knowledge can also be of great help to discover new talents in the company. It is possible that a collaborator shows himself as a great and dynamic multiplier  who possesses other skills that until then, had not been discovered or explored.

In addition, because it is an action that involves all the workers of the company, it can happen that they feel much more comfortable with giving new ideas and solutions for the company.

Are you ready to invest in internal multipliers?

Having collaborators who share your knowledge can be fundamental for a company. External training requires lower investment however internal training is much more effective although it requires more investment. A company that adopts a culture of internal multipliers in its routine, has a more motivated team. In addition to being motivated, it is a team committed and satisfied with being part of that company.

Another point in favor of companies that understand the importance of sharing knowledge is the recognition of professionals who excel in their area. This is because they have the opportunity to review knowledge that will allow them to be even more qualified in what they do.


Are you ready to apply this strategy in your corporate training? Do you already invest in internal multipliers? Share your opinion with us!