How to Manage a Home Office Team – Learn with Our Tips

It is true that companies are more aware of the benefits that technology can offer to them. In addition to the variables that technological advances provide, we can expand our horizons by supporting external collaborators. If you are thinking of a ‘home office’ team, you guessed right!

In addition to the technological facilities, the behavior of people has changed dramatically. For example, people began to prioritize personal life and personal comfort over professional life. That is why today it is common to find candidates in job interviews that question companies about the home office work policies that they handle.

As a manager, it is necessary to adapt to the new practices that exist in the market, understanding how and when they can be applied for the benefit of the organization. Do you want to know more about this innovative theme? Then continue reading and learn everything you need to know about this new world of work!


What will you read in this article?


What is home office?

Regardless of whether it is a team or a single individual, home office is a practice in which work can be done in an alternative space than the company’s office. If you thought that this practice meant only working from home, you will be surprised, there is much more you need to know about this innovative way of working.

For example, in a home office team, each member can work at home or in alternative spaces such as cafes, hotels, airports or even parks. The workplace is a choice that is in the hands of each member of the team.


 How to manage a home office team?

Now that you know what a home office is, imagine that you have decided to implement this way of working in the company you work for. It’s time to prove that your idea is relevant and that it will not be a detriment to the company.

At the end of the day, the greatest fear of managers of large companies is that the members of their work team reduce their performance and begin to procrastinate during work hours. To avoid this type of situation, it is possible to use good management planning.

Do not you know how to set up a good plan? Then check out our tips!


1-Select the right people

Not everyone can work in a different environment than the company office. For this reason, it is necessary to choose professionals who are more autonomous and have a greater degree of concentration when working.

On the other hand, it is important to bear in mind that the activities of the work team members do not always depend on the tools or people that are only found in the organization. For example, the members who need to use every day tools that are only in the company, use confidential data that cannot leave the company or interact constantly in person with other team members should work in company office.

Another important point is, although it seems invasive, to ask where the members of the home office team will be working from. This is due to the fact that it is necessary to know the technical and personal conditions with which they will have in their work place. For example, members who have an uncooperative family or outdated work tools will have difficulty working efficiently from home.

2- Have meetings

Having meetings is a great way to strengthen the relationship between the home office team members. At the end of the day, although they are not all in the same physical environment, it is still necessary that they communicate, exchange information and work for the greater good of the company with determination.

For this, it is necessary to hold daily or weekly meetings. In daily meetings, each member quickly shares their daily tasks and the possible problems that they have faced in completing those tasks. Another option is to do the meetings at the beginning of each day, where the members will talk about the problems they faced the previous day and what the current day’s priorities will be.

The other suggestion is organizing weekly meetings where the whole company attend, both the home office team and the employees in person. The main objective of these weekly meetings is to unite everyone to the same cause, the company. It is important to highlight to the members of the company that the work of each one is important, and that it influences the performance of their colleagues and the company. In addition, these meetings allow to approach the members of the work team.

3- The schedule must be fixed

Another very important point is the schedule in which the home office team will work. Home office work, as well as face-to-face work, must occur during business hours.

It happens that many people believe that the home office is synonymous to flexible schedules, which is a false idea. The practice of working with flexible schedules is another type of work which is known as the ‘free-agent’.

The schedule is very importance since it provides the professionals feel as committed to the work as they feel when they worked in the company. Also, it is important that they can get in touch with the other collaborators of the company, which will only be available during business hours. In addition, in this way it will be easier to measure the productivity.

 4-Control the schedules

To successfully manage a home office team, it is essential to have an organization. Here we touch on an issue that can make your management a success: the control of schedules.

The control of the schedules is important for both the company and the employees. The company has the right to define a work schedule that must be fulfilled and penalize employees who doesn’t comply with it.

On the other hand, it is important for employees as it will help them to enter the business environment, helping to separate leisure from work. To do this, companies can use online schedule planning applications.

 5-Manage tasks

To make sure that home-office style is working fine, it is possible to use task management tools. In this way the manager delegates the functions and can accompany the development of each one. Among the good task management tools, we can suggest: Trello and Runrun.it.

These were our 5 suggestions on how to set up a good planning to implement and manage a home office team. Now you see that executed in a planned and organized manner your chances of success are so high, right?


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