How to Make Successful Product Launch Campaigns

Offering a good product or service is essential to achieve success in the market. But, more than that, you must know how to do product launch campaigns. Without this action, people will not have knowledge of what you are offering, and it is very possible that sales do not go as expected.

So, if you want to know how to make campaigns to launch products which brings the expected results, check out our article!


The launch of a product

The launch of a product or service is related to commercial and marketing actions related to that new service or product. More visibility for your business is generated by making it known by a greater number of people.

To be successful in this process, the ideal is to invest in product launch campaigns. They must be complete and cover all needs.

It is necessary to make sure that companies pay enough attention to these campaigns. They do not only serve to increase sales, but also to offer an adequate experience for customers, because you only have one opportunity to make a good impression. To do this, we recommend campaigns to launch products that exceed the expectations of customers. Generate curiosity and of course, be honest with what is offered and the characteristics of the products or services.

It is important to remember that in order to get the product launch campaigns right, an extensive research work is necessary. We will explain below the reason why this is the first step of a successful campaign.

Step by step to succeed in product launch campaigns

  1. Before taking any action: Search a lot!

To be successful in the launch campaign, you need to focus on the investigation with all your strength. It is necessary to make research on:

  • The market: What is your market niche? Who is the target audience and ideal customer?
  • What is your competence? What will you offer that will be different/better than the competition?
  • What is your differential?
  • Where are you going to launch? Will it be an online or action physical, or via both channels?
  • Do your SWOT analysis, to discover strengths, opportunities, weaknesses and threats.
  • What is the value that must be charged for the service or product? How many customers would be willing to pay for it?

2. Develop the launch from the research

With this detailed investigation, it is time to start with the first steps of the campaigns to launch products. Make sure that the product really offers a differential and has the potential to be widely consumed.

To develop the launch, you can find partners that could also benefit from the product or service. For example: if you are a sports equipment company and you are going to launch a racing shoe, you can get in touch with gyms. Surely, they will have people who are interested in that product there. This is just an example, but it can be applied in all areas of action.

3. Invest in digital marketing

The Internet is a great tool and should be your ally. Use it to create authority, relate to your old and potential customers and to build a good visual identity. Internet allows the exchange of information at a very high speed and is part of the life of almost everyone. With all the benefits that the Internet provides, it is extremely effective to launch products on Internet.

In summary, the goal of digital marketing is to generate new business, increase brand recognition and strengthen the relationship with customers, suppliers and the market. All this through online strategies. These strategies can be done in many ways. Some of them are:

Have a good website

Your website must be friendly, be updated and contain the main information about the company. It should also be improved to explore the actions that will be taken in product launch campaigns.

The website is important to create authority in the network. Place the validations and the testimony of customers who were satisfied with the service or product, leave a communication channel in sight to get in touch if they are left with doubts (e-mail, telephone, among others).

Invest in social networks

As well as websites, social networks are also extremely important to improve credibility and authority on the internet. The positive side of the networks is that they are extremely dynamic and allow the relationship in real time with customers.

To be successful in product launch campaigns, you must know the particularities of each network and use them intelligently.

Create Landing Page

The function of landing pages is to convert. Either from visitor to potential client (lead), or from lead to client. These are simpler than websites and can give clearer information about the product.

The objective is to have an exchange: the person leaves his e-mail and in return receives some material is related to his interest. You can also offer special discounts and by that same means you can buy the products.

The objective is that you get the contact of people who are interested in your brand. So, when you are going to have your product launch campaigns, you can get in touch with these people who know your brand and who generate interest. They will feel stimulated and special to be part of that group.

Use videos as outreach material

Invest in videos and generate curiosity on the followers. This is a strategy already known and used for a long time, a good example are the movie trailers, and it is still very successful. In addition, with the Internet, the dissemination and sharing of videos is much more effective. Do not lose the opportunity to publish the material in video-format to your networks and website.


Now you have all the information you need to start planning the product launch campaigns. How about putting them into practice?