Elegant, powerful and easy to use.


Enrich your platform with various tools

The integration of third-party tools at eadBox offers to have an even more effective and complete system. Get to know now all of our integrations and surprise yourself with our product.


Manage the permission level of your users

With the LMS platform at eadBox you manage the access levels for each user profile. For example, you may have specific profiles for your coordinators, financial managers, tutors, teachers, third parties, etc.


Integrate APIs

Integrate your tools for a better management and student experience. Through powerful APIs your: ERP system, CRM or other management systems will be integrated into your platform. The eadBox platform can be integrated with any technological tool.

Administrative Panel

Manage everything, without programming anything.

With the EAD Eadbox platform you have a full administrative panel and there is no need to care about software development. Let us solve the technology part and you can keep focused on developing the best online courses.

Custom domain

Customize your domain, because your brand is everything

Your platform with your own name. The eadBox focuses on providing the best technology for distance education in your company. Your brand is unique and that is what prevails for your student.

Sub platforms

Meeting various companies? We have the solution for you.

The Eadbox platform provides a unique(distinctive) tool, where you can manage multiple platforms, and customers will have access to all reports. All in a simple and personalized manner for each company.

Mobile Apps

Your own application, your school, your brand

Can you imagine having your own distance learning application? With eadBox this is possible, you will have your own native application for iOS (iPhone and iPad) and soon ready for Android.

Service channels

The tool for proper student support

Provide adequate and direct support to your student. Lead him into the right direction to be served by the right people. With the LMS platform at eadBox you set the proper way to serve the student.

Portal gamification

Show all achievements and challenge your talents

Show everyone who is the best of the best during a period. The most dedicated are encouraging everyone to continue studying and seek for the best in their fields. The gamification portal has all the tools for you to promote people and encourage interaction between them.


Promote your students, your talents and yourself

People like to interact and to be seen online, it becomes more important and interesting in the corporate and educational context. Promote skills and interaction of your team in a public manner, and the engagement of your courses surely will increase.


Reward for accomplished achievements

People like to be rewarded, the eadBox LMS platform allows you to recognize your student for a skill he has acquired. All easily accessible, controllable and configurable through an administrative panel.


Speak instantly with your students

Communicate in real time with students and users of your platform. Ask questions, discuss lessons, share ideas and many more options. All conversations are saved for a consultation at a later date.


Intuitive, easy and fast communication

Intuitive Messaging, send and receive messages through the platform. Every message is notified via e-mail and can be answered directly. Access all sent and received posts through the inbox.


Open space for doubt, brainstorm and problem solving

Use the discussion forum to collaborate with the doubts and problems of your students. Post content and news, related to the topic of the course. The whole process is done by the moderation of your tutors and administrators of the course.

Classroom evaluations

Ideal for practice lessons and evaluations still done on paper

You do not want to give up presential evaluations like tests made on paper? Or want to better evaluate your students in practice? No problem, eadBox has the functionality for you to enter and track the grades of practical evaluations.

Attendance list

Total presence control

Whether for an university or formal training programs that address online or just classroom modules, with an attendance list and the eadBox platform, your controls will become easier.

Classroom lesson

Your LMS also works for regular classes

Schedule regular classes, including a total calendar control and warnings for students. Save the paper and control better your actual classes and interactions with students.

History and school report

Encourage the participation of your students with a school report

Students access all their notes in one click. It is possible to check all the carried out evaluations and their respective notes, measure their performance and export it to PDF.

Digital certificate

Automated completion certificates of the passed courses

Create certificates in the Eadbox platform, by using features like city courts, the date of issue, the amount of workload, associating your branding template visually in PDF and many more. Your students download the certificate when they pass the courses.

Schedule of Activities

Organize and plan your routine of events with students

With the eadBox LMS calendar service you can add and manage events, appointments, share with your tutoring courses and also perform integrations with other third party calendars (Google Calendar, iCalendar).

Accompaniment of the students

Better engaged and aligned tutors and students through the course program or Follow your highly engaged and aligned tutors and students

Have a point to point monitoring between students and tutors. Evaluate and track the progress of your students in each class, course and enrolled course program.


Have a better communication experience with your students

You can communicate through real-time chat with your students, branched service areas in mentoring, internal messages on the platform, direct contact with each course tutor and the discussion forum.


Optimize precious time for evaluation corrections

Using reviews of Multiple-choice and true or false, the correctness of the assessment is made automaticly, already possible to display comments and answers to the student after submission. By using discursive ratings you can manually correct the questions answered by the students.

Customized registration

Optimizes the registration process of your platform

Customize the registration fields in your portal and minimize funnel outputs of your members. Customize the whole process, add or remove fields that are important to your business.


Easily write programs that access the power of an eadBox platform

Integrate your platform with a third party system. Using our API makes it simple to write programs and exploit the full power of our LMS. You can, for example, charge the notes of a student and course access data in a report supplied by a third party system.


Store the data from your website anywhere

Export data from your platform in spreadsheets. You can download spreadsheets from various reports, enrollment of students, members list and many more possibilities .


Take more accurate and faster decisions

With full graphical reporting you know exactly what should be improved in certain course and at what time. Access all the information, filtering per course period, student group, etc. (or: access all the information filtered per course period, student group and many other options.)

Course combos

Add value to your product and your customers

Create courses packages of two or more courses grouped in a single combo and sell it in your shop. You can sell more and create additional value for your customers.

Discount coupons

Maximize the results of your online store and customer loyalty

Increase the loyalty of your customers and leverage your sales with discount coupons. Trace strategies to increase the average ticket of your e-commerce through the discount coupons.


Everything is easier when you have a complete and safe product

Increase conversions and sales from your store with a fully integrated platform with different methods of payment. Offer several options of payments for your clients and your sales will be easier, faster and safer.

Course Catalog

Expose, organize and sell your courses

Create catalogs of complete courses for your students. With Eadbox you have the programs from your catalog or premade catalogs available. Consult a seller and see the benefits of distributing to your students excellent online courses of the best institutions


Your own portal of online courses, fully customizable

The module of the LMS platform at  Eadbox offers you to have complete functionality over e-commerceMake customizations from the most basic to the most advanced level with HTML, CSS and JavaScript, or via API, in an entirely responsive web design.

Images and Texts

Create beautiful images and captivating content

Want to add short, impactful content along your course? Snappy and direct knowledge shots are very important for the educational materials of your classes. Students like it and you can add this shorter content at any time.


Import content from other sites onto a unique experience on the platform

You found an interesting story? Found cool stuff on another site, an infographic for example? Import this content for your course without having to take your student to another site and without infringing copyright.

Satisfaction Research

Understand what your students think of the course

Every course has improvement opportunities, with the eadBox satisfaction survey tool you identify exactly where to improve, analyze the information through dynamic graphics and finally export the results to spreadsheets.

Create Evaluations

Create thorough evaluation, with total controllabe databank of questions

Multiple-choice, discursive, true or false, sending and correction of documents are no problem. Create banks of questions, questions with pictures, ratings with timeframes, random questions and anything else you need to assure a complete and secure control of assessments.


Ideal for animations, digital textbooks and interactive content

Distribute interactive content developed in HTML5 by your online distance learning platform at eadBox. Over the past two years  the number of courses developed in HTML5 has increased, especially for compatibility with mobile devices.


Complement your coursework with presentations, handouts and many other features

Leave your most interesting courses in a beautiful and elegant LMS platform that has a PDF viewer, PPT and DOC. Students value courses that have multiple content that he can access when in doubt and consult materials.


Complete and effective support for SCORM files

The Eadbox includes exclusive tools to the support and distribution of SCORM files, just upload your course and ready to go! We also have a team specialized in giving the necessary support to ensure the quality and functionality of your SCORM package.

Video classes

Stream your content without concern

Distribute your video lessons without worrying about server space, bandwidth, security, robustness or instability. We take care of all that for you. If you are worried about resolution, rest assured, the Eadbox supports HD videos too.

Live Broadcasting

Broadcast your course for as many students as possible

Aggregate live the value for your courses and classes, interact with your students in a direct,  simple and objective manner. To watch the classes, your students do not leave your school, neither do they need to install files. It is all simple and direct, including the access from mobile devices.


Your own portal of online courses, 100% customizable

With the e-commerce module of the LMS Eadbox platform you have complete functionality control over your e-commerce. Create catalogues of complete courses with your brand, for your students. It is possible to make the personalization basic, up to more advanced with HTML, CSS, Java Script and via API, with an entirely responsive web design.


Access to all the features via smartphones and tablets

All features compatible with mobile devices. Administrators and students access with full functionality. Each platform can still have its own native mobile application.

Private courses

Control all the enrollments of your platform

Offer subscriptions to students for special access to their courses.


Unlimited business, no user limit

Have the number of users that your business needs, with levels of differentiated and customized permissions.


Teamwork is everything

Create study teams, and easily manage large volumes of the students and tutors agility. Encourage interaction among students through forums and chat rooms. Our classroom tool will help you a lot with the management of study teams.