Everything  You Need to Know About Video Marketing

Videos, videos and more videos. Just be 5 minutes on the web and you will find and see many of them. Video marketing stopped being a trend and now it is a reality. And whoever does not invest in this area, is missing out on many opportunities that others do not.

It happens that the videos arouse more interest and commitment in consumers than other media. Of course, videos cannot be lacking a good marketing strategy.

Are you interested to know how video marketing gained so much popularity and what to expect from it in the coming years? Then read this article until the end!


What is video marketing?

As entrepreneurs, we must always be alert to the threats and opportunities that arise in our businesses, and undoubtedly video marketing represents a great opportunity that cannot be left aside.

As its name says, video marketing is a union of two concepts: video and marketing. Video is a union of a moving image with a sound. On the other hand, marketing is a set of techniques that seek to create perceived value related to a product or service.

In this way, video marketing became a way to promote the value perceived by consumers through videos. Generally, they are used for that function due to their high power of hooking and their importance for the definition of strategies.

3 or 4 years ago, it was believed that videos would be a trend today. Today is a fact, and even the current situation points to something much further. The videos ceased to be considered a trend to consolidate as a fundamental basis for all brands.

It is important to mention the error that many people and companies make when defining video marketing as a simple viral video. Yes, it is possible for video marketing to go viral, but the virality is not certain, also video marketing is not limited with that.

Why use video marketing?

To say that video marketing is something new, that nobody uses it and that it would be innovative to do so, is totally false. On the contrary, every day more and more people are inclined towards those companies that make use of this marketing strategy, since they feel identified with the brand.

Proof of that is the moment in which we are living now, in which consumers do not look for brands in the product they need, if not intangible aspects such as improving their lifestyle, having status, among others. Therefore, companies should focus on improving the overall customer experience and not just at the time of purchase.

At the end of the day, the current consumer is no longer the one who buys impulsively without having any information about the brand. Today’s customer has never been so informed in all of history, as he has been until now. He has access to all kinds of information about the brand, knows who has already bought it and can evaluate the experience of those buyers.

After analyzing all these factors, the customer decides whether to make the purchase or not. When the brand already has a relationship with customers through video marketing, these stages can be reduced by half.

Taking all this into consideration, it is ideal to use video marketing as a way to get closer to consumers and to convey the sense of what the company does.

How to use video marketing?

There are several theories about what is the main reason for videos to work as well as a form of communication. One of the main reasons is the natural attraction we have towards audiovisual material.

In addition to that, video marketing has proven to be a tool for SEO optimization, increasing traffic, reach in social networks and therefore, loyalty. And evidently, a brand with a good relationship increases its sales.

It is possible to use video marketing to:

  • Institutional presentations;
  • Pitch
  • Sale of products and ideas;
  • Increase in traffic;
  • Teach a new behavior, and then sell an idea.

What are the advantages of using video marketing?

The importance of video marketing for communication strategies is undeniable. Among many advantages that video marketing provides to companies , we present the three most important advantages you can perceive when investing in this type of format.

Increase in organic traffic

When video marketing is well implemented, you can increase the organic traffic of your page by up to 53%. That way, your website is more likely to appear on the first page of Google and therefore attract 2 to 3 times more visitors.

It is necessary to highlight that this does not happen overnight, and that the entire communication strategy must be perfectly aligned with the objective of achieving those results.

Increase in perceived value

The videos generate empathy, remembrance and authority. Even though many brands make use of video marketing, using it is still considered a differential.

With good content, it is possible to create compelling stories, create an emotional connection, explain your solution in an innovative way, use interesting visual resources and so on. All these techniques manage to captivate the attention of the public.

Increase in sales

Several studies show that 3 out of 5 consumers agree to watch videos if they are interested in the product or service provided. In addition, just over half say that video marketing helps them make a purchase decision.

In this way, using video marketing correctly, this can be a stage of the process that precedes the purchase, thus increasing your sales.


We hope that with our tips and explanations you have understood the importance of video marketing for your communication strategy. If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact us. We will be happy to help you!