Discover what Mindset is and work with these mental models

Most likely, you have already heard the word mindset at some point … but, do you understand the meaning of this word? In a summarized and practical way, Mindset is a set of mental attitudes that we have. The mindset has a direct influence on our daily thoughts and behaviors. Semantically, Mindset is the configuration of the mind.

Having a broader notion of mindset makes it possible to work with this skill and realize its potential. For example, with a well-structured mindset, it is possible to know how to deal with positive, negative or neutral situations. This tool helps you to always be in a state of balance and harmony, through the manifestation of appropriate reactions for every situation that comes your way on a day-to-day basis.

To develop a good mindset and perceive positive changes, review this article and learn to master this skill.


Types of mentality

To better understand what mindset is, it is necessary to know the two types of mentality defined by this way of thinking:

Fixed mentality

The fixed mentality is the mentality that makes people believe that if they were not born with certain abilities, talents or gifts, they will not be able to develop them. They are pessimistic and insecure people – both in the personal and professional spheres. As its name says, they are people to whom changes or learning new things generate discomfort.

In a corporate environment, it is not difficult to identify this type of professional. Normally, it is the worker who has difficulty learning new concepts and runs away from responsibilities. Many times, that does not mean that this worker is incapable of doing things, but rather that he has a “fixed” mindset. Although it is difficult or requires a greater effort to work with this type of people, it is possible to make them recognize their own potential. In this way, this worker may be more willing to accept changes.

Growth or progressive mentality

The other type of mentality relevant to the mindset is progressive (growth) mentality. As its name says, this way of thinking is different from the fixed mentality, because the people who possess it believe that it is possible to develop new gifts, abilities and talents with the passage of time. Of course, this can be achieved with willpower, commitment and dedication. They are people who transform difficulty into opportunities and are always ready to evolve.

In a company, it is usually that type of professional who stands out and manages to be promoted in the organization. This is because they are not afraid of making mistakes, acquiring new responsibilities and growing up.

However, whether you have a fixed or a progressive mindset, it is always possible to improve. To do this, the ideal is to have strength of will and be in a company that values ​​your capabilities. Therefore, the corporation plays an important role in developing even more progressive mentalities of their workers so that over time, those who have a fixed mind can open their minds a little more in all the day to day issues. In this way, they may grow, develop their full potential and be much more positive people.

Developing the mindset

For a company, the ideal is to have people who have a progressive mindset. The people who are always willing to improve and learn. To develop this positive way of thinking, there are some actions that can be carried out:

1. Emphasis on positive things

Did something unexpected happen and apparently, negative? Try to look for the positive aspects of these events. Look at the crisis and stress as an opportunity for learning and internal growth. Remember that everything is a matter of perspective.

2. Take care of yourself and dedicate time for yourself

Enjoy your free time! Do meditation, practice some sport, eat well and surround yourself with people who make you feel good. Also, you can take courses on a subject of your interest that would be useful for your personal or professional life. In this way, it is easier to see life in a more positive way.

3. Practice self-knowledge

Know yourself, look at what aspects you can improve and avoid blaming others for your failures. On the contrary, dedicate yourself to thinking that you could have done differently to have obtained another result, without blaming anyone of what happened. Remember the number 1 point mentioned above and focus on the positive aspects.

4. Leave the self-sabotage

Many times, our greatest enemy is ourselves. Do not let this happen to you. To deal with these situations, analyze and identify recurrent behaviors that have self-destructive effects. If you are aware of these thoughts, it will be easier for you to eliminate them little by little.

5. Do not take criticism as something personal

Whether in personal or professional life, it is necessary to learn to deal with criticism. When you receive them, you should not take them personally. Understand that the person who is making that comment wants to improve some aspects however of course, this is valid when we refer to constructive criticism.

In the same way, the criticisms made only for speaking badly about a person should be ignored. Do not let these issues affect you or take away your sleep. On the contrary, focus on looking at what aspects of this criticism are valid to improve and achieve good results. Think that if a person is making constructive criticism it is because he/she believes you have the potential to do things better next time. Take advantage of this opportunity!

You already know what mindset is!

Now that you know what mindset is and understand its importance for your growth, why do not you do actions that lead you to have a more progressive mentality? Developing your full potential, being a better version of yourself and always striving to achieve great results adds a lot of value to your personal and professional life.


Do you still have any doubt about the mindset? Do you have any additional comments? Share what you think with us!