Discover How to Change Habits and Leave the Comfort Zone

No matter how hard you try it seems that your life is always at the same level, turning in circles without being able to move forward? That is called comfort zone and may be the fault of your bad habits!

Discovering how to change habits can be a really difficult task, even more when they become routine and give the feeling of being impossible to get rid of them.

The data show that habits represent 40% of our day to day and many times we reproduce them automatically. If you are tired of cultivating negative habits, continue this reading and learn how to change habits and reach your goals!


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How to change habits?

Changing habits is not easy and sometimes slow, as was said before, habits are cultivated every day and represent almost half of our day. That said, you have to constantly watch over your behavior every day to have the possibility to change them.

The specialists indicate that the best option is to seek the replacement of bad habits, which means instead of thinking about how to eliminate them, the most effective solution is to think about how to replace them with better habits.

To help in this daily process of achieving a life without the comfort zones, it is important to follow some steps. We will explain these steps below to help you!

1-Note down

Begin to note down the actions you perform automatically, which are the things that you do without anyone influencing you, without the need to think about them.

Examples of some of these habits are:

  • Stretching when waking up;
  • Brushing your teeth;
  • Look to the right and left before crossing the street, even if it only makes sense.

With these 3 simple examples we can see that however much things you are completely accustomed to, they are not actions that we have done all our lives.  You have been disciplined and taught about the importance of repeating them.

Proof of this is to look at both sides of the street, even when it works in only one direction. In the end, even though you know that one of the sides does not offer any risk, you look at it as a matter of habit.

So, writing down is a fundamental step if you want to become master at changing habits. And although habits are a constant in our lives, few people notice that they have them.

From the moment you write them down, it’s as if a switch is turned on in your brain and you finally realize that you have such habits.

No matter what habit it is, from the moment you repeat it often at some point you will begin to do it automatically. And you create a new habit and get rid of the old one.

2-Break the paradigms

The paradigms are those habits that form our subconscious. They usually begin in early childhood and are transmitted by whoever is around us. Let’s look at this case: If you grew up in a family with a limiting discourse, like the one in which you say that if you were not born rich then you will never be rich. It is very difficult to change that habit and have the confidence to overcome it, even when you reach an adult and conscious stage.

That is precisely why many people settle and never seek to go beyond what they already have, because in their subconscious they believe they will not be able, even if they say otherwise.

To break habits like these, it is necessary to know the mind and identify what is preventing it from moving forward and to enhance the capacity of each person by breaking the paradigms.

3-Motivate yourself

Motivation is the key when facing habits and try to change them. You can double the chances of making a chance on any habit if you have the motivation for it.

Everyone knows that bad habits are harmful. And whether it’s for physical, mental or effecting professional success, you still cannot break some of them easily.

If we want to give example for each case, we can first look at the case that smokers have: the procrastination and smoking. Smokers know that this is not good for their health and can lead to death in more serious cases, however still they cannot stop and leave what needs to be done to the last moment.

When there is a greater motivation it is more common for people to change their habits.

For those who smoke the trigger on how to boost their motivation may not be their own health, but when they notice that apart from hurting them the cigarette may be bad for their loved ones. And thus, they have more will power to end the addiction.

4-Be consistent

It is recommended to do everything until you get it done automatically. But think about how to adopt habits that are not practiced? It is unfeasible!

Who says that the force of will moves the world, lies. Willpower may be the initial impulse to initiate change, but what really changes things is the consistency with which we make them.

It is no use starting with a very good mood and a week later moving to relaxed, avoiding or forgetting mood that the commitments create which prevents achieving any change. It is necessary to always maintain the same level of willpower, otherwise it will not be possible to create new habits.

It is common for people to believe that they are in a race and if they start with the highest possible pace, they will win the race and win the grand prize at the end. However, what really counts is every little achievement made day after day.

In short, much more is needed than wanting to change habits. Planning and discipline are necessary. Only then will the desired results be achieved.


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