Design Thinking Tools: how to develop innovative solutions for your problems

Do you know how many tools of design thinking are available to you and how to use them for the benefit of your company? They merge several techniques that help to collect and classify information.

Using design thinking tools, it is possible to develop creativity more intensively and improve performance in terms of teamwork. But design thinking offers much more than that for companies.

One of its great competitive advantages offered by design thinking that it allows the company to better understand the need of its client. This is because it leads the corporation to see what happens from the client’s perspective, placing itself in the other’s place. If this information is well absorbed and used, it can represent big profits for the company


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The importance of a multidisciplinary team to implement design thinking

One of the main purposes of design thinking tools are to create new possibilities, see new perspectives, reduce risks, manage uncertainty and, above all, invest in innovation. It is an approach that seeks solutions collectively and collaboratively and gains more and more space in the labor market.

This happens because this model leads the company to observe the problems from a larger and more complete perspective. Allowing and encouraging people from all areas to participate in the process. That is why it is important to have a multidisciplinary team and people who perform different functions. It is also important that they have knowledge in different areas and complementary worldviews. Everyone is important and must actively participate in the design thinking process.

Its objective is to obtain a more complete vision for the solution of problems. In this way, it unites the innumerable cultural experiences and world perspectives. With all this knowledge gathered, it is easier for the company to identify the barriers to overcome and the best alternatives to each obstacle.

It is important to emphasize that the techniques and tools of design thinking are not a mathematical data based on science. They are a more subjective and about human mapping. They start from the needs of each person, to better understand the consumer’s thoughts and wishes. It can also be used in any area and by companies of all sizes.

Design thinking tools and their innovative solutions

To implement this format of innovative approach, it is important that the company follows a progress step by step. Thus, you will know where to start, the way forward and the results to be expected.

1. What is the objective in the deployment of design thinking tools? What needs to be solved?

To solve a problem, you must first identify it, right? From then on, you can look for innovative solutions.

The first thing is to identify which areas need innovation. Analyze if there are outdated processes, poorly instructed professionals, some areas with productivity below what was expected, etc. Many times, some sector does not have any serious problem, however, it could be improved. The company must identify these.

2. Know and place yourself in the client’s place

Is the client getting what he/she wants? If not, what is missing for this to happen? And although he is already receiving the desired: Is it possible to do something to surprise and stand out in the market? To know, it is good to do investigative interviews.

You need to understand what the client says, what he sees, what he hears and what he feels. To do this, you must listen carefully, perceive what are his/her main influencers, life wishes, etc. Based on that information, it is possible to evaluate the emotions that the client has with your product or service. Use empathy to understand these feelings through the answers given.

3. Take advantage of having a multidisciplinary team

If you have a multidisciplinary team: take advantage of that. Brainstorm with that team in search of new options and solutions after getting to know your client better. This is the best way to identify different forms of thoughts.

4. Putting tools into practice

Having that information in mind, it’s time to apply design thinking and think about how to overcome the obstacles that are in our way. It is possible to develop a prototype of the best solution found and test it. If it is observed that the service or product has really been perfected, it is the responsibility of the company to define if it will invest its budget and put these new solutions to work.

It is important to remember that design thinking tools are developed from observation and conversation. The information is obtained directly with the clients and with the brainstorm of the whole team. Without considering the mathematical or statistical metrics.

Does your company already invest in design thinking tools?

As you have noticed throughout this article, the tools of design thinking are a great alternative to solve problems in an innovative and strategic way.

In order to provide a more complete experience for the people involved, it helps to see the concerns that exist from another perspective. Design thinking is important, because it sees and enhances the human side of people. It also highlights the great importance that customers have in the market. In addition, it highlights what to do to please them completely. This plays fundamental role in improving your brand authority. When the satisfied customers speak well of your brand in their networks (virtual and face-to-face), they give greater authority to your company.


What do you think of this format? Have you already applied it to your company? Share with us your learning experience with this tool.