How to create your top sales team for the market

Do you have a sales team, but do not know how to get them up to date or train them? Also having no idea what training you could provide to your team?

Then the eadBox team will discuss tips to develop your sales team continuously!

Participatory training – Already one way

When a seller is unmotivated, soon you think about hiring a seminar or training to motivate everyone, right?

The bad news is, that this probably will not solve the problem of motivating your staff. With this in mind, an idea that works is, that you create, what we call here at eadBox, a participatory training. In this method, each member of the sales team is responsible for a fast and effective training every day , about 15 minutes long.

For example, every day a person of the team is responsible for a lesson or a thought and will share it with the team for 15 minutes. Next is, to open a timeframe for those who want, to make a quick comment on the thinking of the day. Always respecting the maximum of 15 minutes.

By doing this exercise, you create an environment for new leaders to emerge, for people to help each other and especially the relationship between the team becomes more cohesive.

Have your own Sales Academy

Your sales team is always in the field (hopefully) and spread over several states, cities or countries? It is difficult to gather everyone for a course?

Then it’s time for you to start your own sales academy.

In an academy you can train your entire sales team online. This can be done with live training or even recorded ones. You can create super well done courses , up to even the fastest and punctual, recorded in your office showing the faces of your team. By the way, people who are in the field like it a lot to see in the video those who are in the office and vice versa.

eadBox can help your company to get your sales academy today, please contact our staff and get to know our options.