The possible conversion channels to advertise your business

Conversion channels, as its name suggests, are channels that a company uses to focus on converting its audience. They can be used to convert visitors into leads or leads into clients, according to the goal of the campaign.

Whatever the goal of the company may be, it is fundamental to know fully the main conversion channels in digital marketing. After all, only then will it be possible to use them in your favor with the best results for your company.

That being so, if you want to get better results in spreading your business, check out which conversion channels are worth highlighting and learn how to use them.


The main digital marketing conversion channels

Here we have selected 5 digital marketing conversion channels that deserve your attention. Thus, it will be possible to develop strategies for each of them:

Social networks

To get the right leads and converting leads into customers on social networks, it is essential to invest in good planning and content in posts. To do this, the brand must have a deep knowledge regarding the particularities of each network to develop appropriate posts for each channel.

Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter and YouTube are some of the networks that deserve to be highlighted. Each one works in a different way and their audience is searching for different information. To take advantage of all the opportunities offered by networks, it is important to make good profile management and produce unique content. Also, social networks are a great channels to get to know your audience better, strengthen the relationship with them and offer support and 24/7.


Email marketing actions are also essential to spread your business. According to a study by MarketingSherpa, 72% of consumers consider email as the best medium for receiving brand notifications. This is a fact that cannot be ignored by your company and it should be used as the basis for creating good marketing strategies.

Among the various advantages of e-mail actions, it is worth mentioning that it allows the company to make contact directly – with the lead or the customer. Thus, it is possible to develop customized and automated actions. This makes the sender feel valued by the institution.

Use the contact via email to send unique materials, birthday promotions, gifts, etc. However, it is worth mentioning that for the actions by this channel to work effectively, it is important for the company to invest in a good segmentation of contacts and leads. So, you know exactly what to send, who to send and when to send. This will make the conversation between parties much more qualified.

Sponsored links

Ads using Google AdWords can also be important channels of conversion and a very efficient way to spread your business. Directly related to Google Analytics data, these ads allow you to promote highly targeted campaigns. This will bring better result and recognition to your brand.

You can invest in paid media on Google searches, social networks, and display networks which are sponsored links in “purchased” spaces within other sites. This can be a one-off action for a specific campaign. However, for it to work effectively, it is essential to know how to invest the capital in this ad.

That being the case, if you choose to invest in ads and sponsored links, make a good audience segmentation first. Also, plan this action very well beforehand since it is paid, and you wouldn’t want to spend money on visitors who are not likely to be your leads. Also, measure the duration time before and after you start your campaign since it’s a good measurement of results to know if the investment was well spent.

Call to action (CTA)

Another important conversion action to be explored is the call to action (CTA). CTAs are links to another text or a banner with a specific text and image.

For it to function effectively, the CTA must be used on the brand site by directing the customer to take a specific action. It can be to download an e-book or send the customer to the e-commerce brand.

Briefly, CTA is an important tool for promoting leads, attracting leads, promoting brand-specific products and services. It helps to generate conversions and win over the audience.


The time has passed when WhatsApp was only used as a conversation tool. Today, the application should be considered as one of the conversion channels to increase the positive data of a company. Extremely personal and personalized, WhatsApp allows the brand to deliver unique news and information to its customer base.

Because of these features, it can work as an excellent sales channel and relationship with your audience. Also, it is possible to create groups and lists according to the needs of the company.

What are your preferred conversion channels?

Here are 5 conversion channels that may be essential to improve your business. Enjoy the article and share with us: Does your company use some of these conversion channels? What are the ones that bring the best results to your brand? Leave your comment!