Get to know the eadBox

We are passionate about innovating, learning and teaching.

The Distance Education is an indispensable business tool for innovation and business growth. With the distance education you can not only empower employees, but also generate business, training vendors, reduce costs and optimize processes.
We created the eadBox so that companies could easily innovate. Having a complete tool for education, easy to use and integrated with various systems, you focus on what really matters, without worrying about the technology that is there to serve you.
Thousands of students and hundreds of large, medium and small companies use the eadBox platform. In areas such as human resources, sales, marketing, business and even operations.



eadBox is what it is because we are a group of people who seek to be better and make a better product each day. There are several platforms for online training in the market, but few of them solve the real problems of students and business. The differential at eadBox is that we focus on both, we work together with customers and we know that distance learning has a lot to evolve.
We seek to be at the forefront of these developments and offer our customers the best platform for knowledge management and learning.