9 Inbound Marketing Tools to Start Implementing Today

Inbound marketing is a reality for companies that want to excel in the online world, and therefore, gain authority on the web to attract new customers. The good news is that often, new Inbound Marketing tools are emerging, which are increasingly efficient and updated.

It is important to highlight that the Inbound Marketing revolutionized the way to do digital marketing. By knowing and implementing Inbound Marketing techniques, instead of mass advertising of products or services without relevance to the general public, this method attracts the right people and really interested in your business. However, for this strategy to be successful, it is essential to know the best current Inbound Marketing tools.

Knowing that, we selected for you the 9 Inbound Marketing tools that should be implemented by those companies that believe and are willing to invest in this method. Read this article until the end, choose those that best suit the needs of your brand and check the effectiveness of Inbound Marketing.


Important concepts of Inbound Marketing

Before knowing the essential tools of Inbound Marketing for your company, we select the main concepts that must be clear to those who opt for this type of marketing. Therefore, if you are thinking of including Inbound Marketing in your organizational strategy, it is important that you know these terms:

  • SEO;
  • Keywords (keywords);
  • Analytics;
  • E-mail marketing;
  • Marketing automation;
  • Content marketing and certification;
  • Landing pages;
  • Social networks;

These are just some of the elements that make up a good Inbound Marketing strategy. Knowing that, it’s time to learn about the main Inbound Marketing tools that will allow you to achieve your goals and objectives. We chose a tool for each of the 9 concepts mentioned above. Pay a lot of attention!

9 Inbound Marketing tools that should not be missing in your strategy

1. SEMRush – SEO

The first important concept of Inbound Marketing that we mentioned was SEO. At this point, we will refer to a tool related to this concept which is very useful: SEMRush. This is one of the best platforms for companies that work with content marketing and SEO.

SEMRush allows you to visualize the monthly traffic of your website and that of the competition. In addition, it offers the possibility of knowing which keywords are most helpful to rank your website and to identify other sites that are backlinking to your blog. This last term refers to those web pages that are using links from your blog as a reference.

SEMRush has a free version, with certain limitations, and also paid plans. Our advice is to experiment first with the free version, and if it meets your expectations, invest in the premium version.

2. Google Keyword Planner – Keywords

The second important aspect to master the tools of Inbound Marketing is to use a platform for managing keywords. For this, we recommend Google Keywords.

This tool is integrated with Google Adwords and is a great help when searching for effective keywords. Google Keyword Planner shows the trend of the searched concepts. This tool is free, but you need to have an account in AdWords to use the keyword search tool.

3. Google Analytics – Analytics

Knowing how to handle Google Analytics is also essential for the implementation of an Inbound Marketing campaign. This tool helps monitor websites and blogs, offering data on traffic, conversions, social networks and paid campaigns. In addition to being extremely important to the content marketing strategy, Google Analytics is free and offers innumerable possibilities to boost your brand online.

4. MailChimp – E-mail marketing

MailChimp is an excellent e-mail marketing platform. It is easy to use, efficient and has several functions. Undoubtedly, a very good option to establish communication with the public via e-mail marketing. Also, it is important to remember that MailChimp is one of the best-known email marketing platforms, mainly for its ease of use, efficiency and low cost.

5. RD Station – Marketing automation

Brazilian company created by Digital Results, RD Station is an extremely efficient marketing automation platform. Within the tools of Inbound Marketing, RD allows you to create e-mail marketing flows, landing pages, perform A/B tests, among other functions. Therefore, it is a very functional tool for those who want to stand out in terms of Inbound Marketing strategies.

6. EADBOX – Content Marketing and Certification

Inbound Marketing is directly related to the production of content marketing. In this case, EADBOX is a tool that meets this need, in addition to offering a differential: certification. This Brazilian platform, with support in Spanish, offers all the necessary information for those who wish to be successful in using Inbound Marketing tools correctly and effectively.

7. Unbounce – Landing pages

Landing pages are essential for a good Inbound Marketing strategy. Having a specialized tool in this aspect can be important for the commercial success of your company. Unbounce is extremely intuitive and uses the “click and drag” mechanism. In this way, you can create a page to your liking, totally customizable. However, to take advantage of all the features of this platform, it is necessary to invest at least $ 79 per month, which is the value of the basic plan.

8. Buzzsumo – Social networks

For companies that use social networks, it would be interesting to know Buzzsumo, as this platform helps to increase the visibility of the brand in those channels. This app shows specifically which content had more interaction according to a search it does. In this way, Buzzsumo works as a way to verify which contents are the most relevant. In addition, it allows you to have insights about what type of material to create, so that it has more possibilities to be shared on social networks.

Tip: In addition to Buzzsumo, which gives you an overview of the trend of the moment, you can also control your social networks better with the use of other tools such as Postcron. This platform is useful for the management of pages and allows the planning and publication of posts for several channels in an agile and easy to understand manner.

9. Pipedrive – CRM

To have a sales CRM, our advice is to use Pipedrive. This tool gathers information from users in a virtual sales funnel. In this way, you have a quick visualization of your entire sales strategy, organizing customers according to their stage throughout the purchasing process.


Now that you know these Inbound Marketing tools, you are more prepared to succeed in your marketing and sales strategy. Do you already use any of these tools? Which are your favorites? Leave us your comment!