5 types of content to generate more leads and to better engage your audience

To win new customers, generate more leads, and to better engage your audience, it’s important to offer a variety of content. This action makes your brand more easily found in online search engines, and above all has greater authority and credibility online.

Also, producing materials in many different formats is a way to win more fans. After all, there will always be people who prefer to watch videos, where others prefer infographics, games, animations, interesting readings, among others.

But do you know what are the most popular content types on the market? We’ve listed some of the top material formats to help you generate leads and increase your brand conversion rate. Check it out!


5 types of content you need to know

  1. Blogposts

Blog posts are the posts made in text format for your blog. This is one of the most traditional and effective content types out there. It is extremely vital for the good recognition of a brand in digital marketing.

The company attracts visitors and gains authority through blogposts. Also, its content educates the public on issues related to market trends, services and products. Another thing worth mentioning is the posts can be made for different audiences, using several languages. It is possible to make educational, institutional, news posts, list formats – such as the one you are reading – among others. When working with content production, investing in good blog posts is critical for your brand.

Another advantage of using blog posts is that they are great tools to position your business as market specialist in the virtual market. Also, when done well, the blog posts that appear in higher rankings in search engines like Google, would make your virtual address more easily be found by internet users.

  1. Rich materials

Rich materials are also a great option for you to generate more leads and engage your audience since it is a very efficient type of material when it comes to attracting new prospects. They can be e-books and infographics, etc.

Why? Because many people see no problem at all leaving their e-mail and filling out a small form in exchange for that rich material. So, while you come to have the contact of these leads, they receive a material of interest to them and educate themselves on areas relevant to your company. It’s a kind of relationship where both sides win.

From that point on, it is up to the company to segment and develop good strategy to apply to this data to generate even more leads. While producing your rich material, make sure it’s relevant and aesthetically appealing. So, focus on harmonic and beautiful images, graphics, colors and formatting.

  1. Videos

Videos are one of the most popular content types right now because of its interactive, didactic material format that draws attention of the public. It offers an infinite range of possibilities. It can be a video of animation, tutorial, interview, didactic, among others. Also, it can be done via live broadcast – as a webinar – or lecture.

Another point that deserves attention in this format is that videos give a face to your company. This creates greater identification and empathy with the public. Because of this, it is important to ensure that the material is professional and of high quality. These features today can already be achieved using a good smartphone, lighting and, if necessary, editing programs.

  1. Podcasts

Podcasts are also a very popular content format. Its advantage is, since it is exclusively audio, the podcast can be consumed while performing other tasks. That being the case, it is a great way to convey relevant information to your audience while they do other daily actions. In addition to this benefit, audio does not consume much of the cellular data – such as video, for example.

While the videos give a face to your brand, the podcasts give a voice to it. This material can be used to promote more informal conversations and debates about market trends, increase interaction with the public, answer frequently asked questions, and more. An interesting tip is to invest in stickers to mark your podcast – so when it starts playing, it will be easily identified by the audience.

  1. Materials that can be used as a basis by the public

Another way to gain the attention of leads and engage the audience is to offer materials that can be reused – or used as a basis – by the public. For example:

  • Templates;
  • Spreadsheets;
  • Models of certificates and presentations;
  • Calendars;
  • Compilation of current and relevant research and data on current issues, etc.

While offering these types of content make sure that you are giving your lead materials that they would not otherwise find on the internet. Or at least they would not find it easily or with quality.

These types of materials make life easier for the lead and make him/her understand that the purpose of your brand is to help you. This is an action that increases the credibility of your company and make the public trust you.

With these tips, you get to know more about the types of content that engage the audience more and help lead generation. Our tip is to use all of the types that are mentioned above together. This will ensure a more efficient strategy and make your content available to more people.

Also, a material made in video format, for example, can also be converted into text, audio, e-book and infographic! This further enhances the reach of your content.

Please share with us your opinion: What type of content appeals to you the most? Does your company produce any material in these formats? Leave your comment!