3 examples of Trade Marketing to Increase Sales

Have you heard of trade marketing? This is a planning format whose main objective is to adapt all marketing actions to improve the relationship with the consumer.


What will you read in this article?


What is trade marketing?

In summary, trade marketing is a technique focused on the distribution channel of a service or product. In practice, it transforms the desire or need of customers into effective commercial strategies.


The objective? Improve the brand, conquer the market, and of course increase the sales. It allows companies to have greater benefits and consumers to be more satisfied with what they have acquired, be it a service or a product. That is why, when it is well used, trade marketing brings incredible results for companies.


To learn a little more about this important strategy, see the examples and apply this practice in your company. Check it out!

The importance of technology in the points of sale (POS) of trade marketing

Normally, trade marketing actions are used by companies that wish to improve their sales in their POS. It is the marketing actions developed in a precise point or a distribution channel. Normally these channels are supermarkets, distributors, wholesalers, pharmacies, and department stores. Trade marketing can also be understood as the study that defines what is the best positioning of a product in these points of sale.


To conclude which is the best trade strategy to be used, companies have increasingly invested in technology to help in this process. They have achieved this through databases reading sales data and studies that monitor the market and offer corporations information about who is the consumer of that PDV and what they are looking to buy from that site.


In addition, the technology also offers resources that help reduce costs, gather information, avoid excess inventory, analyze competition and supervise work teams.


What does a trade marketing professional do?

The trade marketing professional is a person who has a deep knowledge about marketing and analyzes it as a whole. Its function is to develop trade strategies and put them into practice.


From the data collected through the technological tools in the POS, the professional decides which product should be marketed in each store. It also defines the price compatible with the market, which will be necessary to make the distribution of the products, etc.


The actions of trade marketing

In order for the trade marketing professional to be able to implement any action that involves that strategy format, he/she must have the knowledge of four crucial points, which are:


  • What is the area in which the company operates?
  • What is the sales volume;
  • What are the main characteristics of the region;
  • What is the target audience of that action?


From then on, it is possible to develop and, finally, implement the strategies.


Some examples of trade marketing

Now that you know the theory behind this strategy, it’s time to put them into practice! See the 3 of the main examples of trade marketing to apply in your company. These are the most used strategies currently in the corporate market:



Surely you have heard that expression. Merchandising is any marketing action made at the point of sale. This includes bands, banners, brochures, outdoors, flyers, cards, among others. Meaning, it aims to highlight the brand against the competition.


Merchandising helps the consumer make his final decision. This is because the client always considers the visual part of the company. Therefore, investing in this aspect is very important.


It is the responsibility of the trade marketing professional to think and offer proposals that allow the product to stand out.


2-Creation of the demand:

Another of the main objectives of this strategy is to attract/create buying situations.

How to do that? Offering new products, investing in different packaging, etc. Some good examples of trade marketing is when companies offer tastings of their products in important points of sale, create loyalty programs for their customers, make promotions, raffles, offer bonuses in purchases, etc.


So, the objective of this phase is to create shopping solutions. Find consumers who are interested in the brand.


To have a good and measurable result, develop a database. Thus, you can measure and analyze what was achieved in each of those actions that are examples of trade marketing. In this way, you will also know what works, what does not work, what are your best POS, etc.


3-Training, participation and professional development:

For the items to be successful you need to have good professionals. The company must train its promoters. Everyone must know how to perform their functions successfully. It is important to know when it is time to replenish the stock, negotiate better spaces so that the products of the brand are available, etc. The commitment, the qualification and the development in the training of the sales promoters is essential to guarantee a good management of products.

Putting trade marketing into practice

Now that you know a little more about this sales strategy and its examples, it’s time to put this whole study into practice. By doing so, you will surely notice an increase in the sales of your products, you will have a better relationship with your POS and of course, you will achieve loyalty to old customers and conquer a new public.