100% customizable online courses on your own branded course website

Create catalogs of complete courses for your students with your brand. Make customizations from the most basic to the most advanced level with HTML, CSS and JavaScript, or via API, in an entirely responsive web design.


Fast and accurate decision making

With graphical reports you know exactly what should be improved in the determined course and at which time. Access all information with features like the filter per course, periodically, categorized by the students in the groups and more!

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More than customers, a real partnership.

  • Among all considered options, the Eadbox technology proved the most consistent and secure portal for our online courses.

    Célio Antunes

    Impacta Online

  • We researched quite a lot to finally get into eadBox, which met our expectations as a LMS and as a strategic partner.

    Daniel Cardoso

    Buscapé Company

  • With the LMS Eadbox our engagement index increased from 20% to 60% in 6 months. Our user base was well trained and our cost support decreased dramatically. We currently have 90% of student engagement.




Create the most complete and breathtaking courses

Online courses are easily created using SCORM, own video classes, handouts, presentations, HTML5, Corporate Videos, Reviews of satisfaction surveys and much more.

Live Broadcasting

Add value to your course with live classes, interact with students in a simple, direct and objective way. To attend the classes, the students do not leave their school and do not have to install files, it’s all simple and straightforward.

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Follow your highly engaged and aligned tutors and students

Have a point to point monitoring between students and tutors. Evaluate and track the progress each class, course and enrolled course program.

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